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Texans @ Patriots AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Thread


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You know Tom took notice of Peyton's loss yesterday.

He won't get caught unprepared for the Texans.

I would like to see a good game whether I hate both teams or not... :spit: Then again I have been told HATE is either a very strong word.....or under-rated!!!!!!!!!  :funny:  rotflmao

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    • The Colts dedication to Easons mental development seems encouraging to me. this was probably one of the best write ups I've seen in a while.    https://www.1075thefan.com/kevins-sports-news/frank-reich-details-typical-colts-week-for-rookie-jacob-eason/
    • I like the chances of our offensive line coming together sooner than later, which could very well catapult this offense to where they need to be. I think we all can agree they have not performed to their expectation and I will blame a wonky covid offseason for that start. If they get to clicking, and we get some healthy receivers/tight ends back, we should be fine offensively.    I think the defense is built to win football games. We’ve won without Leonard, which is a big thing as we’ve struggled the last two years without him. I like the makeup and I like our chances so long as we stay relatively healthy, get a few breaks here and there and this offensive line comes into their ability, which could be straight dominant. Let’s hope. 
    • I'm still looking at potential TE deals. I don't know who will be available but lets say the Rams lose another game or two before the deadline. I'd make an offer for Gerald Everett... nothing too big ... like... 4th or 5th for him, but yeah... I still think we need to improve that position group. Kick the tires on David Njoku too...    From the big time receivers... I'm kind of scared to give something big for any of them. I wonder what the Bengals would need for AJ Green? Would a 4th be enough? I'd give up a 4th for him and I'll be looking to possibly recoup it via compensatory pick next year.  Gallup is interesting as a long-term piece but I'm not sure he will be available and if available it feels like the cost would be too high...   
    • I agree with most of you wanting to trade JB to the Cowboys and get something before the value comes down...After the Monday night debacle, I think JB might be a hot commodity for the Cowboys right now, b/c I don't think A. Dalton is the answer.... 
    • Availability is the best ability in the NFL. I honestly don’t care if you’re not sold on them or not. Your replies made no sense at all. Mitch Conners roasted you with fact! 
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