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Texans @ Patriots AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Thread


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You know Tom took notice of Peyton's loss yesterday.

He won't get caught unprepared for the Texans.

I would like to see a good game whether I hate both teams or not... :spit: Then again I have been told HATE is either a very strong word.....or under-rated!!!!!!!!!  :funny:  rotflmao

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    • I wouldn't be too disappointed.  There are several factors here, not the least of which him being thrust into the starting role 1st half of Game 1.  But he is a rook, which means he's a work in progress.  Heck even Blackmon, who everybody is slobbering over, is still a work in progress.  We just don't have a large enough body of work to say he is going to be _____.  I agree, he is missing some yards out there.  But as I stated above, I think some of that is he is just trying to establish a rhythm, find cohesion with his OL and the QB, remembering the playbook, etc.  I think he is just trying to run where the play is designed right now, maybe even being coached to do so.  None of these rooks even had a pre-season.  These things take time no matter how much we fans want them to come out and dominate week 1.  It just very rarely happens.   But the talent is there.  You can't coach speed and toughness and his yac has been one of the best in the league thus far.  And remember when everyone was questioning his receiving skills?  Not been a problem thus far.  Same with the fumbling issues.  I'm glad we have Rathman here, he is a great teacher and motivator for this RB group, and I think he will continue to develop Taylor's skills.  I would love to have Mack back but we will all just have to see on that.
    • Jim Sorgi made his money without ever having to wash his uniform. Brissett wants to play but on a junk team? Maybe he will progress this year and next to the point Reich will see him as the starter. Who knows, way too early.
    • At total of 6, one more the a few AFC teams individually. Dallas & Philly tide for first each with 2 wins.
    • Agreed.  And safety looks to be one of the strengths of the team right now.  So much so that we may not even bring back a first round pick from just a few years ago.  Blackmon has been a (I say this cautiously) revelation thus far.
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