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Congrats to the guys on a great season

COLT in J-ville

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I know we had a bitter ending today.. lots of questions from some of us about who is to blame for the loss today etc... but I'm not gonna go into that.

I just wanted to thank the Colts players and coaches (if they ever happen to by any chance visit this forum) for a heck of a season. We surprised a LOT of people this year... including a lot of our own fans I think. Great effort and great class.. and look at all the rookies that were integral.. I think we have a bright future ahead! Go COLTS!

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I agree completely..They gave us more than anyone ever expected, and played with heart, determination, and class. I have never been more proud to be a fan of the best organization, and team..the Indianapolis Colts.


Also, I hope that Coach continues to stay cancer free, and that the players, staff, and all involved have a safe off season..I can't wait for next year...


Thanks Colts..for everything!

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    • The bills win was the one we needed since it's an AFC team. If we're being honest, the bucs are more of measuring stick then a must win. The Pats is the more important game.
    • I would be extremely,  but  of course pleasantly surprised if the colts win just one of those two games. That's Belichek & Brady lol.   The colts path to a wild card, imo, is to win the other 4 games for a 10-7 record.
    • Brady will have his more likely than not. Ala Manning, he knows how to pinpoint any given defense and exploit its weaknesses, and he has all the weapons to do so. Way different kind of player than Josh Allen. I think that the only thing that really works well against him is a great pass rush.   Huge test for the secondary to handle Godwin and Evans. Hopefully the Cover 2 D does well enough against the big plays that Brady settles for dinking and dunking for the most part.   If the Colts play as well as they have been playing as of late though, they definitely have a solid shot. I just really hope the secondary holds up.
    • Colts have not beaten the pats or Brady since 09. Completely different teams though.
    • The colts have lost like 8 or so straight games to brady & Belichek and now have to face them both in separate games.....when was the last time the colts defeated them??? And the cardinals, though talented, are not a team historically there at crunch time. I would have to think the cards would be the most likely of the three to fall against the colts.....of course it's possible the colts could win all three or lose all three.
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