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Colts @ Ravens AFC Wild Card Playoff Game Thread


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This happened during the site running slow, but that PI earlier was such a horrendous call. I couldn't believe it.

Though us recovering that fumble was pretty bad as well lol.

We now have zero backups unless Hills is dressed.......we are hurting at OL.....bad....

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doesn't he control the direction and lane the ball goes?

The pocket is suppose to push back enough to give him clear airspace. Even then it's not the lines fault. Just a great play by the D. I don't even think he was looking he just put his arms up.

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they were pretty weak obviously. we did allow our opponents more points than we scored on the season

Phew that's a load off my mind. I thought Rodgers was an MVP, but that O is weak obviously.

As was the O with the record breaking receiver, and the near record breaking running back.


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Too sloppy. Our offense all year has just been too sloppy and inefficient

I think that's somewhat unfair, yes it's not always pretty and somewhat frustrating but the have had decent pass production this year. Seriously the O line isn't even the elephant in the room, its the elephant that owns the whole place, lets when it's addressed how the team performs on O.

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