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Colts @ Ravens AFC Wild Card Playoff Game Thread


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This happened during the site running slow, but that PI earlier was such a horrendous call. I couldn't believe it.

Though us recovering that fumble was pretty bad as well lol.

We now have zero backups unless Hills is dressed.......we are hurting at OL.....bad....

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doesn't he control the direction and lane the ball goes?

The pocket is suppose to push back enough to give him clear airspace. Even then it's not the lines fault. Just a great play by the D. I don't even think he was looking he just put his arms up.

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they were pretty weak obviously. we did allow our opponents more points than we scored on the season

Phew that's a load off my mind. I thought Rodgers was an MVP, but that O is weak obviously.

As was the O with the record breaking receiver, and the near record breaking running back.


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Too sloppy. Our offense all year has just been too sloppy and inefficient

I think that's somewhat unfair, yes it's not always pretty and somewhat frustrating but the have had decent pass production this year. Seriously the O line isn't even the elephant in the room, its the elephant that owns the whole place, lets when it's addressed how the team performs on O.

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    • As I always say about Rick V he won all of three games in his career as a head coach so people should be careful treating him as some kind of NFL genius.  He just tells me that people who are in the NFL business really do know a tone more than fans do even though fans don’t like to hear that.     As for the defense, I’d like to see something a little more aggressive in the 4-3 set.  I do think there is something too not just sitting back and letting the QB have five free yards anytime he wants.  I think Eberflus is smart enough he could deliver that if asked.  With that said I am not all in on his was Ballard’s guy.  Ballard hired him because the visor in New England wanted him.  I could see Ballard parting ways with him and getting someone else of Reich wanted it which I don’t think Reich does.  So that tells me if Eberflus leaves he’s probably going to be replaced with someone who runs a similar defense.     While I might prefer something more aggressive I would 100% agree that this defense doesn’t work without a pass rush and most defenses don’t work without one in todays NFL.  I think Ballard and Irsay understand that too.  While all the attention has gone to Irsay calling out the QB on twitter he also mentioned the defense.  The pass rush has to get better or it won’t matter who is coaching the defense its not going to work.  
    • This tells you how hard it is to find a QB lol. Ben is a Denver media guy.      
    • i want Zimmer. Trust me there is stuff going behind the scenes. Ebeflus was not his hire so now maybe Reich is able to bring in his guy. Probably hoping Flus gets coaching job so he doesnt have to fire him lol  
    • So you're calling the 49ers, Bills, Patriots, Cardinals ( all playoff teams) bad teams?.. Hmmm...ok
    • Like Jerry Hughes did. Polian pretty much traded him for nothing. ( Shepherd)
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