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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Good points... I agree misdiagnoses is involved, the next few days is going to tell a lot. How did he react to the workout, will he be practicing regularly going forward?  What comes out from the Colts early this week is going to be telling. I'm with you @90%... if he can tolerate lateral motion and repeated exercise he could be good to go but needs a couple of weeks of practice to be ready.   TY: Dude?  High Ankle? Come On? Get the heck out here, man! j/k...
    • Maybe if that OL coach wasn't acting like such a *, he would still be employed by the team.   I'm all about winning football, but not when our own players are being alienated and harrassed.
    • It could be a way to try to motivate the kid too. Or it could mean absolutely nothing.
    • Good....   They have no one to blame but themselves.... because Antonio Brown is a head case the likes of which we haven’t seen since Terrell Owens.... and they knew it.   Talk about high maintenance? He makes the space shuttle look like a paper airplane.
    • If we keep 6, and a 3rd X, he might be a bit better WR than Pascal, but the overall net/net would be negligible.   Inman would not be #3 this year. He might be the 3rd X if we kept 3 Xs, but at best he'd be 5th or 6th. Inman was #2 or #3 last year because we had a cluster at X. The Pats don't even have high quality depth, and Inman struggled there. Don't get me wrong, I love Inman for his contribution last year, but he's not a true #2 or #3.    At the beginning of the year, I'd bet you're likely going to see  1. TY 2. Funch 3. Rogers 4. Cain 5. Campbell   By the end of the year, I'd bet you're likely going to see 1. TY 2. Cain 3a. Campbell 3b. Funch 5. Rogers   Funch will start out as primary X, but you're going to see Funch play more and more slot as the year goes along. We're likely going to see Cain and Funch on the field at the same time. Roger's snaps will decrease as Funch slides to slot more often and as Campbell matures.   I wouldn't mind Inman over Pascal at #6 (if we keep 6), but overall you're only getting a little bit better/mature 3rd X, and you'd be cutting your experienced KR.   I don't expect Rogers to be here next year, but he's a lock IMO at this point. He's the only experienced slot in our system, and with Campbell missing so much, it's getting more and more unrealistic to think he won't be here to start as slot. He's also the only guy that has experience at Z (now that Fountain is gone) and has backed up TY. Ideally you also want you're 4th-6th WR to be the one taking PRs.   I hope they keep in contact with Inman, and even bring him to camp in case we need help this year due to injuries. It's pretty unlikely he makes the 53 though.
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