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Let's not forget the punt return.

Good call. Gotta read between the lines but this isn't a sign of a 3-13 finish. I called it a 37 - 13 loss and we're right on that pace. Give our crew 3 weeks to put Humpty back together and have faith my friends. The Colts aren't losers.

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Can we all say this is the most over matched the colts have looked in 10+ years?

Probably. But for the rest of this i will reserve judgement til after the browns come to Indy and se how the Colts play. Collins should be better and hopefully someone lights a fire under the whole teams butts after this fiasco

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    • Actually it is ridiculous, while I will agree the Defense is good and SP Teams are great, if anyone thinks we would be 7-3 with JB or Eason at QB they are delusional, JMO. We would be maybe 5-5 with JB and with Eason who is a rookie it could be uglier. Rivers has done a good job so far, he deserves credit just as much as anyone else for being 7-3.  
    • With the way the Ravens have been sliding the last few weeks since that loss, I’m not all that concerned with them. Two very bad calls broke that game open for the ravens against us. I think if we were to meet again, I think it’d be more like the Greenbay game as far as the final tally  
    • They are playing great.  We will find out more next year about Eason.  It appears that Ballard has definitely hit on the 2018 and 2020 drafts.   2019 draft seems solid and has provided two starters(Ya Sin/Willis) with a possible 3rd and 4th in Campbell and Okereke.  Overall great job.  This next draft will show Ballard and his scouting departments ability.  A shortened college season will make it tougher to evaluate player potential but I believe this is the front office for the job.      
    • Defensive ly chiefs don't  seem as strong they are beatable
    • Pittman  didn't get  enough  targets on sunday
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