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Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

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Lets not pretend like San Diego hasn't done this to a Manning lead Colts team.

When? The only game that comes to mind was the 6 interception game which the Colts would have won by kicking a 2 yard field goal and in which Manning had a higher passer rating than Rivers. In that game they had 11 starters out and couldn't field a full team.

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Collins is so not mobile it is insane. With how porous are offensive line is it is a very bad combo.

The worst part of this game is how pathetic our defense has been. I know a couple times the offense put them in a bad spot, but the defense is playing just like last year. Linebackers over running plays, arm tackles galore and the front four just being dominated.

Thnkfully we got the Browns next week.

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Holy embarrassing... Maybe this disgusting display will be cause for positive changes.

Nothing will change. Caldwell after the game will state: "We need to start playing Colts football". Polian will say: "the ignorant masses know nothing about football". Irsay will tweet: "I used to worry a lot, I use to stay out till the break of day, Oh, that didn't get it, It was high time I quit it, I just couldn't carry on that way".

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