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Hi, and welcome to Opening Week of the 2011 regular season with our Indianapolis Colts! Colts begin their journey to defend the AFC South Division title, and will also try to earn home field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs later to earn an opportunity to play Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis next February 5.

Colts are depending on veteran Kerry Collins, who will be the first QB to start for the Colts today other than Peyton Manning since Jim Harbaugh started back in December 1997. Peyton is still recovering from his neck injury, and unfortunately his 208 game regular season consecutive game starts (227 games including playoffs) will end. Colts offense must also contend to the 3-4 defense by veteran coach Wade Phillips.

Colts defeated the Texans at LOS 30-17 on November 1, 2010, but lost in their last visit to Houston, with the Texans winning 34-24. Colts lead the All-Time Regular Season Series 16-2, but this year's Texans appear to be a much improved team, especially with the hiring of veteran coach Wade Phillips to lead his 3-4 defense, and veteran QB Matt Schaub.

Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf will announce the live TV commentary for the NFL On CBS regionally in portions of Indiana, Illinois, and Texas, including WISH CBS 8 in Indianapolis in HD.

Bill Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' and Wil Wolford, will also announce the live TV game commentary along with sideline reporter Kevin Lee simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN Radio 1070, and WHNK 98.1 FM, and the Colts Radio Network.

Colts will dress in their matching white jerseys and pants, while the Texans will wear their home blue jerseys, and white pants on the field.

Reliant's Stadium's roof in Houston should be closed, with a controlled climate at 70 degrees inside, from the local subtropical weather outside for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff because outside the forecast is Sunny and Clear Skies at 91 degrees, feels like 93 degrees, 0% precipitation, 38% humidity, and very mild southwest winds at 5 miles per hour.

NFL teams and the media coincidentally may remind us what occured in America ten years ago today.

I wish no injuries, and mininum penalties and turnovers. Play safely, and GO COLTS!!!!!

Colts @Texans NFL Live Gamecenter:


Colts @ Texans Game Preview:


NFL On CBS Colts @ Texans Game Coverage (In Blue):


Colts @ Texans Injury Report:


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My heart and prayers go to Peyton and family. Praying for a speedy and healthy recovery. Its going to be difficult not watching Manning play after being spoiled for so many years. Get well Peyton.

Go lay the smack down on the Texans!!

Knowing Manning that's the best get well gift anyone could give him right now. I kinda wish Manning had twitter just to see what he has to say during the game and what he has to say about the guys calling the game on CBS.

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Oh boy am I ready!!!! Gonna be so weird not seeing Peyton play (I may have to go back and watch my DVR'd games from the past couple seasons- just to get my Peyton fix, lol) but I'm anxious to see what Kerry can do. I think it will be a good game, and believe we can win. GO COLTS!!!!

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Oh boy am I ready!!!! Gonna be so weird not seeing Peyton play (I may have to go back and watch my DVR'd games from the past couple seasons- just to get my Peyton fix, lol) but I'm anxious to see what Kerry can do. I think it will be a good game, and believe we can win. GO COLTS!!!!

Agreed! DVR fix is needed here also.

I cannot sleep. The excitement is overwhelming. 8:59 left!

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L0L I had this stupid crazy dream last night that Peyton had a series of neck surgeries and was out for the remainder of the year.......... L0L can you imagine?

I had a dream that Melvin Bullitt got injured and was out for the remainder of the year.

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Ready for this. I turned on the NFL network pregame to get away from all the 9/11 talk and I tune right into Strahan talking about it.

It's not that I don't care, heck I was 4 blocks away when the planes hit. I had a meeting scheduled for 10:00 at windows on the world. It's just that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about it. I think about it every time a plane flies overhead. If I wanted to watch more about it I would put on the news, I put on the NFL because I am done, drained from thinking about it and I want a release.

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    • Think you need a chill pill and a stiff shot of scotch! Life will go on regardless of the outcome of this game
    • Although I agree that most great QB should at least win 1, I don’t think it’s a knock on them if they don’t.  Football is a true team game, and no one player can carry an entire team.  Had the Chargers not #ed up that 06 divisional round, it’s very likely Manning would’ve been a 2 time super bowl loser, with his only win coming at his statistically worst season in which he was carried by an elite D and solid run game.  Even then, I don’t think it would change where Manning stands in the rankings of the elite.     Eli Manning doesn’t win 2 without that Defense.  Big Ben doesn’t win 2 without that defense.  
    • Oh I’m not.     I’m saying I hope we don’t get to see what this front 7 would look like without Buckner.  That’s all I’m saying. We’ve got NO ONE and haven’t had since Steve Emtman able to do what Buckner does.   The secondary will have a lot more pressure on it without Buckner push and presence.  He’s the lynchpin of the Defense.  Only guy we can’t really replace.    
    • Thank you, Dan.    Happy Thanksgiving to all. You all make the forum what it is. Among all the many things that I am thankful for, this forum is included.      
    • Ryan and Q hurting?  What, they sprained their wrists/fingers with all those holds at the end? Lol
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