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Wild card predictions please.

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Baltimore is very good at M&T Stadium but not unbeatable.

I truly believe Luck will have success and should put up some points as the Raven's defense is not that good. I see them play every Sunday because of where I live. My concern is the Flacco and Ray Rice have good games. Rice is a good RB and score from anywhere on the field, he is going to be a hand full to say the least. I think the game plan will be shut down Rice, and make Flacco beat the Colts. Flacco has had stellar games and flops all season so lets hope for a flop this Sunday.


Rice 75 yds TD

Flacco 250 yds TD

2 Field Goals

1 defense or kick return TD


27 points


Ballard  65 yds

Luck 300 yds 3 TDs

3 Field Goals


30 points


There is your score  30-27

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My Prediction: Winner of the Seahawks vs Redskins Game will be the deciding factor for Rookie of the Year

The awards are regular season only. The votes have probably already been cast.

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Texans' fan here.







Would love to see a Colts-Texans AFC championship game.  With the way we've been playing, though, I'm a little more confident in the Colts than the Texans.  Good luck this weekend.

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