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Game 1 At Houston Predictions

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Are y'all really picking the Texans o_O same team who couldn't beat Tim Tebow? I guess since we lost Peyton y'all feel like we cant win, well #Team8and8 (Texans) haven't done anything in my eyes to just give them the win. They Defense is still not solid plus they have 2 very weak safeties.. Oh yeah Arian Foster will most likely sit this game out to!

Colts - 23

Texans - 17

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Colts 24 - Texans 27

I am still not sure about our defense like a lot of people have expressed. Also, our O-line is made with 3 out of 5 new guys and one old guy playing a different position than last year. It is going to be tough if Phillips has got them even partially trained in his new system.

If Collins has mastered 1/3 of the playbook and the receivers have developed some sense of timing with him, the score could reverse.

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Hate to say it but can't see it any other way, at least not yet:

Colts 6 - Texans 35

My god, this is like a prime example of what i call "P-sickness"... For some reason without peyton manning the colts will only score two field goals on a bad secondary and a defense that has just converted to a 3-4 smh.

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Texans 31 Colts 21

The good news for Texan fans is this isn't the same defense we had last year...which was PATHETIC. The additions of Manning and Joseph addressed 2 painfully obvious issues we had in the 2ndary.

JJ Watt also looks to be legit. Even if Watt doesn't pan out he can't be any worse than what we've thrown out in the past. Bottom line behind it is we added 2 qualtiy, not star caliber, but quality players on the 3rd level. Something we haven't had since Aaron Glenn. Our defense may not be top 10 but if we're in the 12-16 range that's enough.

Offensively...well, we're just a shade behind the Colts...with Manning. Without Manning the edge has to go to Houston.

As for the Colts "D"...my biggest concern is that the team thinks this is a gimmie since #18 will be in street clothes. If we can keep Schaub clean (which means Freeney/Mathis) and give him enough time to hit the 10-12 yd routes moving the ball down the field won't be a problem. Unfortunately turning yards into 7's instead of 3's has been the issue in the past. With the loss of Leach and addition of Casey I believe that we'll be seeing more 7's since teams can't focus on our 2 red zone plays anymore.

We'll win because we'll jump out to a lead while Collins is still trying to get the offense down at game speed. Once he gets the timing down the game will be even. If this was the 3rd game of the season I'd say it's a toss-up, but since this is game 1 and the first time the Colt offense is playing together at game speed we'll have the edge.

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Best guess:

O-line improved a little bit from the past 4-5 seasons, but not by enough. Collins is sacked no less than 5 times.

Defense gets run on all day. 3rd and long? No problem! Throw to Lacey who is ten yards off his man and can't get there in time. (Great system btw)

Special Teams. Yeah...they're still special all right.

Texans: 42

Colts: 6

Hopefully the O-line has finally learned to run block and give our QB more than 2 seconds to throw. It will make the game much more interesting.

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Colts 27 Texans 23

Collins 19-27 276 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTS

Addai 67 yards 1TD

Carter 46 yards

Wayne 5c 45 yards

Garcon 2c 32 yards

Clark 6c 55 yards

Tamme 7c 82 yards 2TDs

Powers 1 INT

Freeney 2 sacks, Mathis 1 sack, Nevis 1 sack

Schaub 25-37 343 yards 2 TDs

Foster 91 yards

Tate 34 yards 1 TD

A Johnson 3c 43 yards 1 TD

Walter 6c 76 yards

Daniels 5c 61 yards 1 TD

JJ Watt 1 sack, Williams 1 sack, Jonathan Joseph 1 INT, Cushing 1 INT

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Colts 17 Houston 27. I think the Colts offense starts off slow and Houston will start off hot. I could see halftime being 17-3 Houston. The Colts defense steps up in the second half and slows Houston down, while Collins starts to get his rhythm, but it will be too late.

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Hard to predict cause anything can happen and nobody knows how Collins first game will go. But we do know that our run D better show up along with our running game or we are in trouble. I wish they would start Tryon over Lacey and Carter over Brown.

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Collins beat them last year with a sub-par team. He will beat them this year with a better team.

Colts win, and if not it doesn't mean anything. If you all remember they beat us last year in week 1 when we had the HOF QB.

Sub-par? Chris Johnson rushed for 130 in that game and the Titans held Foster to 14 yds for the game. Who with the Colts is gonna pick up the rushing and have a 100yd game? and is the defense in any way going to be able to stop the Texans' rushing attack? Foster might not play but the back-ups are pretty good too (as good as the Colts rushers).

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I for one really don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I understand the line of thinking "we still have talent on offense". However, I also KNOW that Manning has made guys look great only to see them sign elsewhere and never produce like they have with Manning. I will post something that is sure to draw fire from many of the Colt fans here. Knowing that my screen name is 18288 you know I love Marvin. However let me say this, Marvin for all his grace, speed and soft hands had few games in the playoffs where he was a factor. Marvin could and was shut down almost every time a team focused on him in the playoffs. Elite players rise to the occasion, something Marvin rarely did when Peyton needed him. I believe Marvin benifited from Manning not the other way around.

Wayne with any other QB throwing to him is averge, Joe could not run the ball with Manning sitting in the pocket and teams worrying about him throwing it. Now they know the run is coming. Manning got rid of the ball before the defense could get to him. Collins has a habit of holding the ball to long, couple that with our line and thats a recipe for getting himself creamed.

I love the Colts, have since they moved to Indiana. I'll hope, I'll cheer, I'll believe, and I'll bleed blue. However I know this is going to be a tough year to swallow. Manning is the Colts. The team was built to complement him, it was designed around him and it will fall without him. This will be the year the NFL and all its fans see why Manning is the only 4 time NFL MVP. Not the number of throws he makes, not the yards he throws for, not even the number of td's he throws for. The presence of Manning is what makes the Colts. The ability to will a team to do something that could not be done without him makes him the MVP, after this year everyone will see it for what it is.

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Here is what I predict:

Colts come out Sunday ticked Sunday since every media experts thinks they can't win without Manning. Ten season of 10 plus wins you need more than one guy to that, Manning is great but he needs help too.

Houston stats for Sunday

Shaub 225 yds 1 TDs 2 int

Foster/Ward 90 yd rush 1 TD

Johnson 100 yds rec 1 TD

Daniels 40 yds rec

1 field goal

Houston 17 points

Colts stats for Sunday

Collins 265 yds 2 TDs 1 INT

Addai/Carter 120 yds rush 1 TD

Wayne 120 yds rec 1 TD

Collie 60 yds rec

Clark 60 yds rec 1 TD

Garcon 40 yds rec

1 field goal

Colts 24

Colts D plays very well in the game

Can't resist responding to this. You predicted so much it's just too tempting.

Houston stats for Sunday:

Schaub 180 yds. 1 TD 0 Int.

Ward/Tate/Slaton 250 yds. You don't wanna know how many TDs. Did you know Foster's probably out? It won't matter much.

Johnson 60 yds. rec. 1 TD

Daniels 80 yds. rec. 2 TD

Houston 37 points

Colts stats for Sunday

Collins: 140 yds. 1 TD 2 Int. Sacked 4 times--this number would be ridiculously high if your pass blocking wasn't superb.

Addai/Carter 120 yds rush 1 TD
OK. Frankly, I think your run game sux and so does our up-the-middle run D right now. I'm not so sure about having a smallish 3-4 NT.

Wayne 50 yds. 1 TD

Collie 30 yds.

Clark 30 yds. 1 TD

Garcon 20 yds.

Colts 17

Colts D plays very well in the game

Meh, against the pass...
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lol.. your sky is officially falling... these predictions were funny before the game.. even funnier after...

It is trolls like this that are the inspiration for the 'new member' rule. Let us not forget this when people complain about being so restricted. If it were not for the rule, this guy and a hundred like him would join the forum just to rub our nose in poo with substance free trolling.

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It is trolls like this that are the inspiration for the 'new member' rule. Let us not forget this when people complain about being so restricted. If it were not for the rule, this guy and a hundred like him would join the forum just to rub our nose in poo with substance free trolling.

Eh, I say big deal. They have beaten us 3 out of 19 meetings. And in one of those, we went on to win the Super Bowl.

Let 'em have yesterday.

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