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Andrew Luck reminds me of ......


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He did.

Oh and 2005 was a bucket of crap and excuse my language!! That was the Colts year or was supposed to be. That team was awesome.

:argh::flaming::ticked::bomb::censored: :cuss:

I swear to God, I would lose to the Saints again in the SB 3 times if we could win it all in 2005 then potentially have back to back titles. :tvhammer:

Besides, I think I felt going into the SB vs. the Saints deep down in my gut that Sean Payton was going to take Caldwell's lunch money.

I often wonder how the Colts would have performed if Ben Ben had not prevented that Colts fumble recovery from Jerome Bettis from scoring a TD. Like an NFL what if question...

Yeah, Sean Payton & Drew Brees scared me more than the brain trust of Jim Caldwell & Bill Polian did in 2009. Absolutely right Jules! Although TE Dallas Clark was a thorn in Payton's side in the 1st half of the SB at least.

Yeah, Mike Holmgren had an incredible team that year & QB Matthew Hasselback was playing lights out in 2005 too.

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