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Colts Christmas gifts (merge)

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That is a great gift, Coltman51.  I don't have a pic, but I did receive a Colt's purse that I love.  :luv:


I also have another gift under my tree that I haven't opened yet.  It came from a very special person :hug:  whom I have never met that is a member here. 


It is driving my family nutz :nutz: that this package remains unopened, but part of the fun for me is the mystery of wondering what may be inside.  All I know, is that it was purchased from the NFL Shop. :)

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I got a really cool Colts sweatshirt and a hat will be coming soon. My best Colts's Christmas was when I got a PM Fathead, A MH autographed jersey, Colts pillowcases and comforter, a PM picture, a Bob Sanders picture, a Colts clock,, a Colts hat, and a Colts duffel.

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Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and have some sweet Colts loot to show for it. Tell us what you got, and post pictures if you got 'em!

I didn't ask for anything Colts related but received a white Luck jersey that's really cool.

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I received a few things. i received a coin from 06 SB one of 5000 made. House shoes the big ones. a blanket, a picture of me with the super fan from the Tenn game i flew in to watch with a coin in that and other shots of the stadium.  Autographed Luck helmet.

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That's awesome! I got one last year, a 2009 game coin , still sealed in a clear hard plastic shell. :)



Lot's of cool stuff here-


Mine has the same box, same company. Has the Lombardy on one side, colts/bears helmets on the other.

I noticed 1 was a 2009 game coin, the other a Baltimore Colts inaugural game coin?

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