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Colts Christmas gifts (merge)

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That is a great gift, Coltman51.  I don't have a pic, but I did receive a Colt's purse that I love.  :luv:


I also have another gift under my tree that I haven't opened yet.  It came from a very special person :hug:  whom I have never met that is a member here. 


It is driving my family nutz :nutz: that this package remains unopened, but part of the fun for me is the mystery of wondering what may be inside.  All I know, is that it was purchased from the NFL Shop. :)

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I got a really cool Colts sweatshirt and a hat will be coming soon. My best Colts's Christmas was when I got a PM Fathead, A MH autographed jersey, Colts pillowcases and comforter, a PM picture, a Bob Sanders picture, a Colts clock,, a Colts hat, and a Colts duffel.

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Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and have some sweet Colts loot to show for it. Tell us what you got, and post pictures if you got 'em!

I didn't ask for anything Colts related but received a white Luck jersey that's really cool.

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I received a few things. i received a coin from 06 SB one of 5000 made. House shoes the big ones. a blanket, a picture of me with the super fan from the Tenn game i flew in to watch with a coin in that and other shots of the stadium.  Autographed Luck helmet.

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That's awesome! I got one last year, a 2009 game coin , still sealed in a clear hard plastic shell. :)



Lot's of cool stuff here-


Mine has the same box, same company. Has the Lombardy on one side, colts/bears helmets on the other.

I noticed 1 was a 2009 game coin, the other a Baltimore Colts inaugural game coin?

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    • Yeah I am ok with it, it was probably time for Kyle to explore other avenues. He helped us win a WS so it is all good.
    • I will be wearing the blue TY Hilton jersey that I have.  I have 88, 18, 12, 13, 87 jerseys. I need 56, 53, 98, and 99.
    • That sucks I really liked Len, enjoyed his play by play for years. 
    • Do you think Bill Belichick has cornered the market on ideas?   Do you think he does not make mistakes?   BB made Dont’a Hightower one of the NFL ‘s highest paid players.  So, poof,  there goes your Leonard argument.  When players perform at a premium level you pay them what they’re worth.   Period.   You’re badly over-thinking this.   There is no perfect formula to a championship.   You think Ballard is not aware that when he pays a guard premium money that means he’ll be paying other positions less than premium.   He 100 percent knows that.     It’s always, Always, ALWAYS better to have too much talent than not enough.  Dallas has paid a fortune into its OL for years.   Smith, Martin, used to have Frederick at Center.  Used to have a good guard who left in FA, and then Collins who is now getting paid.   3 of their 5 getting top money and it used to be 4 before Frederick had to retire early.   They had a top 3 OL for years.   They figured out the rest of the roster.     They’re paying big money while a good number of younger players are on their cheaper rookie contracts.   That’s life for GM’s in the NFL.  Too much talent is always a good thing.    You never take a lesser player who plays a premium position over a much better player at a so-called non-premium position.   Never.   Do you think it’s a coincidence that the play of the Colts OL dramatically improved when Nelson joined the team?   Come on....   Sorry, but your logic is twisted beyond all recognition.     
    • Dang, four playoff spots up got grabs between six teams.  
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