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Kenny Britt Handcuffed on Stage by Britney Spears at Nashville Concert


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By Larry Brown not a bleacher report article, just posted there

something crazy happened at the concert. Somehow Titans receiver Kenny Britt ended up being handcuffed on stage:

If any NFL athlete would get pulled up on stage to get handcuffed at a Britney Spears concert, it would be Britt.

He’s the same guy who was arrested for leading police on acar chase and then was charged with resisting arrest a day after his careless driving plea. Oh yeah, he’s also the same dude who said he was retiring from the NFL before claiming his Facebook profile was hacked. Only Kenny Britt.

Though we must say this is probably his best performance since week 7 against the Eagles.

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This is not news. Looks like the guy was just having a good and dirty time.


when I first read it I thought it meant he was handcuffed by police, That is arrested again, then after posted was too late as cant delete a post to my knowlege

U got to see the picture of Spears sitting on top of Brit shooulders, & others as brit is backed up against a pole, & handcuffed so arms stuck behind pole


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Being caught with drugs, bad behaviour off the field, now handcuffed by a non-cop and that person is Britney Spears...... WHAT?!?! What I want to know is: What is Kenny Britt doing at a Britney Spears concert? Why is he on the stage? How do they know each other? Weird story, this guy is getting weirder and weirder... well it all ends up well because we face him and their team twice a year, rookie quarterback, overused running back, wide receiver on dope and handcuffed by Spears, and a not bad defense. I like our chances.

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I remember when people wanted Polian to draft this guy...yeah, he has produced well on the field, but he's a pain off of the field

If we draft him, it means we don't get Brown, and Polian probably doesn't draft Collie in the 4th, b/c we would have too many WR. It probably means we get Andre Brown in the 4th round. I like Collie and Brown, better than Britt. I'm gonna go out there and say that in 2 years, Collie will be better than Britt, if healthy.

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