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Gb Or No...Game night thread

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k, game is over, so SPOILERS!!!!>>>>>





What a great way to start the season! Even though it was close, this was a pathetic display by the New Orleans defense. Yes, GB's defense gave up some miscues also, but because GB's offense was so dominant, it felt like New Orleans was playing catch-up all game; therefore, GB was playing a more passive defense and capitalizing on the point differential. They made New Orleans work for those points. It looked like New Orleans was showing signs of their Seahawks playoff loss with sloppy run defense, in particular.

I didn't agree with the 4th down decision earlier in the game. New Orleans should have kicked the FG, resulting in a 5-point differential. Plus, they were playing AT the Packers, so I say take whatever points you can get. Be happy you're down only one possession.

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42-34 That score raises some questions for both teams. Seriously, it reminds me of the 2009 opener-- Superbowl champs Steelers beat 13-3 Titans in a close game. It was very entertaining and hard hitting... then, neither one of them made the playoffs.

This one is different. Normally, defenses are flying around to begin the season and the offenses lag behind. Due to this offseason, at least the two defenses we saw were mostly reacting. It also had to do with the kind of QBs that were playing too, you had to be pro-active and not reactive and thus the score, IMO. The front four of both teams, neither of them is a good pass rushing front four, IMO. A front four like the Bears matches up better with the Packers for that reason. The Packers did score only 14 pts vs them in the NFCCG. If not for B.J.Raji's pick six INT on the Bears backup QB, they would not have scored 21 pts.

Any team that provides pass rush with their front four can stand a chance with the Packers and Saints. The Saints' D-line, with their new faces, will get better as the year goes on and the Packers' secondary and LBs will get better as the season goes on. Every team has a weakness and how they mask it is what determines how far they will go. The Eagles have the CBs to keep up with the Saints and Packers WRs but their LB corp vs TEs has been their eternal weakness, they are hoping their pass rush will mask that. The Bears' front four can harass any of the Eagles, Saints and Packers offensive lines but then Cutler cannot put up 20 points consistently to help out the D.

On the AFC side, the Steelers are a sneaky team. Their offense is a vertical offense and Big Ben's ability to get out of the pocket and stretch plays is invaluable to that team, and unlike the Pats, Colts, and Chargers, their QB does not get stuck in the pocket. The Steelers, the earlier you knock them out of the playoffs, the better off it is, to be honest. The Chargers, I have to see their front four's pressure. They are susceptible to the occasional big play because they play the screens and underneath routes so well that you either need to connect on some big plays or be able to run the ball well against them to slow down their LBs pass rush. To me, the Chargers match up well against the Patriots and Colts but the ones they will have issues with will be the Jets and Steelers.

I said at the beginning of this year - I expect a Jets vs Chargers AFCCG, I will go one step further and include the Steelers in there. Jets, Chargers or Steelers represent the AFC.

On the NFC side - the Packers/Saints game reminded me of the Pats/Colts season opener in 2004 and the goal line stand reminded me of the Willie McGinnest stop on Edgerrin James in the 2003 regular season. It seems like the Saints will be back in Lambeau Field in January but January will be different offensively and defensively while playing in the tundra for both teams :).

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