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    • I can't beat PT's list but I've been to some.    Baseball Mets -- many times since 1992; one year I went to over 20 games, but I go to one or two a year now.   Spring Training-- Mets, in southern Florida   I have also been to a few Yankees games but it has been a while.   Minor league baseball: Mets in Binghamton, NY in 1992   NFL -- Vikings in MN, DC, Atlanta in last 3 years; Giants, at least one game a year since 2014; Jets, about 7 games since 1996   NBA basketball -- about 3 or 4 Knicks games   Hockey -- 1 game (I am not a hockey fan)   College Basketball -- in college and later at Madison Square Garden (saw Indiana, Temple, and some other teams)   Tennis -- I used to go to the US Open but it has been a while since I was last there.      I'd like to attend a round of a golf tournament.
    • I think you're reading WAY too much into this.     This is only the first projection of the first round by one guy.     We've run maybe a 1/2 mile out of a marathon.      And I didn't even list all 32 guys.      And it's not even clear we would take a DE with our first round pick.    We might take a DT.    I don't know which.    But as long as it's one of them,  I'm good with this.   I think the chances of the Colts taking a OT or a WR in the first round are very small.    An OT would make FOUR lineman taken in the first round.     I don't see that happening.   And as I've written about extensively now,  even yesterday in another thread,   there is almost no value in a first round WR.   Six of the last 7 drafts,  the vast majority of WR's taken in the first round are mostly below average to busts.    This is league-wide,  not just a Colts thing.   The only draft that is the exception is the 2014 draft with Beckham for starters.   It's an eye popping first round.     All the rest of the drafts, are somewhere between Meh on the high side,  to bust on the low side.   Don't see us going offense in the first round.    And if I had my wish, we wouldn't go offense until Day 3.    But, I'm putting the cart before the horse....     All I'm saying is that's it's very early in the process...     this is just a conversation starter...    
    • This guy looks good.  
    • you kind sir, seem to be in the minority of what the majority of Lions fans are saying, and what a lot of Colts fans are thinking and seeing here.....move along.
    • I am going to say all three. The first thing any team has to do is win and take care of their own division.  
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