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    • I have seen a 100's of dumber things occur on the FB field.  It certainly did not cost them the game.    If the dude that needed to touch the ball had hustled a little more and hadn't had to fight his way through the Dallas lineman... Dak did take an extra step though and HE should have raced to the official.    Cowboys fans can now argue over it. Tastes Great, Less Filling?   Dak Prescott, Leon Lett?
    • Dodds interviewed there.  I can see a package deal .  Looks like Flus might get his pick of which young quarterback he wants to team up with.  I think Brown might have interviewed there as well.
    • Dear God….   So much opinion backed up by nothing.    So let’s just take the easiest and simplest….   That Frank fired the 2018 OL coach.   He did. But do you know who else has fired that OL coach?     Everyone.   Everyone!!   Look him up.   His resume is the same everywhere he’s been.  He’s hired and a year or two later, he’s fired.   Including by…..   none other than Bill Belichick.   What does it tell you that the coach did a very good job and he was still Fired?   It tells you he’s very difficult to work with.   And the proof is his long history.   Good coaches don’t get fired without a reason.   He’s been fired everywhere he’s been.  Now let’s take the silly one.   Frank is only good when he has a very good quarterback.  Tell me, are there a lot of successful NFL coaches who don’t have very good quarterbacks?    Who?   It’s the most important position in all of sports,   Who succeeds without a very good quarterback?     I won’t say no one.   But right off the top of my head….   I’d say almost no one.   why do teams hugely over-pay to trade up and try to draft a quarterback who they HOPE will be great someday?!?  Because you have to have one to be a consistently good team.     Your anger is making you way, way over-think things.       
    • Probably pair up Flus and Dodds in Chicago. I like it for them honestly.   People who aren’t fans of Flus, that’s fine, but scapegoating him and acting like we’re not gonna see a very similar defense here if he leaves are kidding themselves. I bet we would’ve promoted the guy who Sirianni took with him too, instead we’ll probably just promote the LBer coach. Or somebody else who runs a familiar defense.
    • I agree with you.  I think Irsay and Ballard are regretting not going all in and getting Stafford.  The price scared them no doubt and we know Ballard  loves his pics.  The question I have is will the Colts be willing to try and get Wilson to come here and then pay the price?  I think Irsay would now.  Last year we weren’t on Wilson’s list apparently but this is a new off-season.  We are not New York but we have a team ready to win now.  That might make a difference.  I think this would be on the table for all chips in.  I expect the Colts to be inquiring about Wilson.  Whether anything comes of it is anybody’s guess. We don’t have a 1st rounder this year so if it happens we will probably be trading a very good player as part of package.  One thing I feel certain about is after hearing Irsay and Ballard and even Reich speak after being eliminated I think all options are on the table now.  Irsay is embarrassed and angry.
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