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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

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Getting shredded up on those roll outs to the right.

At least it's practice for the Houston bootleg package. I hope this staff actually realizes that Houston has a boot package. :) The last one didn't.

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game manager is not BA's strong point

No, it's not. I think his strong point is motivation.

Why challenge such a pointless 8 yard play?

They were already in field goal range as it was.. Highly questionable.

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What D? You mean the unit that makes average QB's look like HOFers? :(

Got that right. we looked like we didn't look like we even had players on the field as we got shredded

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    • Two things, I'm glad AV had a good game, it was needed for the Colts and him.  But one good game does not erase the two really, really bad games he has had this year.   Two, I'm not sure where the "we" comment came from.  Personally, I don't use pronouns like "we", "us", or "our" when referring to the Colts.  The reason is simple, I am not doing anything to contribute to the wins or losses.  I spend money, but I do that at a lot of places.  I pay my electric bill every month, but when I call them I don't say, "We need to lower our rates."  Same reason I do not buy "authentic" jerseys.  Those guys work hard to earn that jersey, to me it cheapens it if I were to go buy one.   That being said, I know the owner likes that fans say things and "we" and "our".  They are literally banking on that type of fan.  And I'm sure that some players get weekly or monthly reports to see how their jersey sales are going.   of course, I don't knock other people who say "we" or "our", nor people who buy jerseys, it's just how I feel.
    • Some pretty preposterous things are being thrown around here. I'd advise against bringing up this comparison if you want to feel good about our QB in the long run. 
    • When was his arthroscope done, earlier today?  I'd wait on the doctor post surgery to report on how he had to repair it, and the prognosis. Maybe he already has, and talked to the team doctor, who has relayed the information to Ballard/Reich.  I'm still going to keep an ear out for a couple days, though.
    • Reich said they will have to see how TY progresses during the week to see if he will play.
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