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Interesting Video From Espn


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Although I disagree with the second half of the video....Regarding Stephen Smith's comments

Hmmmm...well I happen to agree with Stephen A on this. All he is saying is that if Peyton Manning isn't completely healthy then the Colts should sit him down for however long it takes for him to be ready even if that means the entire season. Peyton is the franchise and you don't expose your franchise player to risk like that. Now Stephen A's comment about "with or without Peyton Manning the Colts aren't going to win the Super Bowl this year" may be offensive to some Colts fans, but if you are objective you will realize that expecting a 35 year old Manning coming off of neck surgery and limited off-season work to lead this team to the Super Bowl this year is not realistic. In the grand scheme of things this is one season and it is not worth risking the years that Peyton has left. Do right by Peyton and give him the time he needs to fully recover.

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