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    • Yah its been pretty grim. Honestly the golden era ended when Manning was cut. Luck was really great but the GM, HC and team put around him was nowhere near SB contention.   If he had stayed on and we started scratch and built around Luck we could have started a new golden era, but obviously he was sick of getting blasted every play.    How much must Irsay hate the decision to cut Manning. Goes on to have all those insane seasons with the Broncos and win another. Who knows how many more we could have won if Irsay didn't drop him for Luck. Then a short while later Luck dropped us the same way.    Oh well, heres to hopefully a new GM, rebuild and a fresh start. We get the right GM to come in and draft a QB maybe we get lucky. 
    • We will probably lose out or only win 1 or 2 games. So we should get a high draft pick. Question is, will Ballard get the right QB? Matt Ryan could have been good but our line has played like garbage and I am very disappointed in Taylor's play. I thought he would be similar to last year, not even close. Leonard is injured but still, he has been disappointing as well. Rivers and Wentz both played with solid rosters and healthy players. At this point I would roll with Sam again and hope we got a top 5 pick. I hate tanking, rarely give up, but as a fan I know the season is over now. Dallas will probably smoke us.
    • The golden era of colts football is long gone. We were blessed to have back to back generational QBs, countless wins and records. HOF caliber and pro bowl talent, and long playoff runs. It was fun, exciting, and made you proud that you made it through some dark seasons and finally the football gods said it's your turn. Unfortunately, our time is over and honestly it's been over since that unfaithful moment Luck got hurt. The colts need to face the fact this isn't the same team they once were and embrace that they need to rebuild. What a run it's been though.  
    • It was Taylor's fault but as usual some post without facts. Matt Ryan did nothing wrong on that hand off. Buck and Aikman both said it was Taylor's fault. If we score there, there was around an 80% chance we win. Matt Ryan gets blamed for everything by fans so par for the course. I read your other posts too. Of course we didn't play well last night but Dakich criticizing the timeout situation and bashing Jeff was way off base. That is not why we lost. 
    • Good thing is you don't need to make any efforts and stress for that which will eventually happen.    Still Dallas seems to play down to the opponents this year, and the game could be equal more or less before they get to break away. 
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