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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Based on this year?  Not really.     I didn’t bring up Grigson you did.  You brought him into this conversation when it had nothing to do with my point to you that Ballard has lead to the Colts getting good mileage out of their draft picks.  The only way that’s even related to what I was saying is if you are wanting to compare him.  If not it’s a distraction tactic and since you are just refusing to back up your point that the Colts aren’t getting good mileage out of their draft picks your exposing it for what it was.  You had a bad take which you can’t back up.  If you could you would have by now.  You don’t want to admit it.  Okay have a nice day.
    • Ok, give them a healthy franchise QB and they'll be right back where they were any time they had one in the past 20 years.  Oops, does that statement mean I'm doing a "Polian comparison" now?   TY and Doyle have certainly tailed off this year.  I was thinking of Nelson and Leonard in the top 6.  Forgot about Buckner.  Mack, Bobby O and Walker are laughable.
    • A freaking men.   Watson is the absolute king of empty stats.  Look no further than last week against GB.  In the first half when the outcome of the game was actually being determined?  He is nowhere to be found.  Cannot so much as lead his team to a field goal.     Once the game is out of reach and the defense calls off the dogs and becomes more lax, that's when he suddenly produces.  You want alot of passing yards and TD passes from the 2 yard line (Watson leads the universe in TD passes from within the five yard line when most teams use their stable of running backs) when your team is down 3 scores?  He is definitely your man.   Cannot believe that man is going to make 160 million on his next contract.  I'm glad, because that franchise will be in the dumps for a while thanks to that contract and the damage O'Brien inflicted.
    • Well, you have me by a few years.  I was a kid for SB3 and the GGEP was before my time.  I did watch the color version they put together on ESPN a few years ago.   And, of course, I knew the key answer from the movie Diner!  (The millennials have no idea what we're talking about)
    • Give them a franchise QB like they had in Luck they are right there.   Also I would say TY and Doyle are not four of their top six players on the team.  I think Houston, Buckner, Leonard, Smith, Nelson, Rhodes, and Blackman are all better.  You could make a case for Mack, Bobby O and Walker too.  
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