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Nfl Investigating The Colts Hiring Jim Tressel


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According to PFT, the issue of the Colts hiring Tressel is not 'if,' but 'when.' Just like with Terrelle Pryor, if Goodell feels that Tressel is undermining the NFL's 'farm system,' which is what NCAA football truly is, then he can impose a suspension on Tressel just as he did with Pryor.

In Tressel’s case, the league faces a tricky decision. Notions of fairness and consistency require the league to treat Tressel, who resigned from Ohio State under duress after admitting that he failed to share with the NCAA information regarding activities that jeopardized the eligibility of Pryor and other players, the same way that it treated Pryor. By delaying Tressel’s entry to the NFL, the league would be bolstering the perception that overt favors are now being done for the curators of the free farm system.

The question doesn’t become relevant until the Colts submit Tressel’s contract for approval by the league office. It hasn’t happened yet. Once it does, Tressel’s fate will be in the Commissioner’s hands.

Until then, cast your vote as to whether Tressel should get the same treatment as Terrelle.

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With league integrity being so much the focal point on the heels of the resolved labor dispute which stabilized business for the next decade, plus other measures including implementation for drug testing and player safety....my guess is suspending another NCAA liar and cheat (especially the man behind the man in connection with Pryor) would be consistent and will override any perceptions. If the notorious Raiders are okay with bringing in Pryor, does this make the Colts their coaching moves counterpart? I'm curious to see Tressel's contract specifics and how it might bear with regard to league action. Just win, baby.

As a side - with regard to coffeedrinker's historical reference ^ let's not forget that while not every German was a nazi, that movement was the face of a nation.

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