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Another Year Same Problems?


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I think we will be okay on d as long as freeney and mathis are healthy,although our secondary is need of depth.I am worried about the o-line mostly because they have been moving guys around so much.They need some continuity.Special teams will be fine thanks to the new kick off rules,and our punter is very good.

See I can agree with this lol.

Freeney and Mathis are clearly the key to the D, well IMO mostly Freeney, if he's being well Freeney the rest of the defense sorta takes care of it's self. When he struggles or teams get him blocked the rest of the defense tends to struggle. It would be nice if Hughes steps up so we can rest Freeney and Mathis some and have them rested.

Even without Harris I really like what I have seen out of our DTs this pre-season and I think they are going to be improved. I agree I am worried abuot the lack of depth in the secondary mostly at corner but let's not forget it was this day last year the brought us Justin Tryon.

I think now they have seatled on the o-line and they will jell as the year goes along. It will be rocky at times with three new starters (two of which are rookies basicly) and Diem is in a new spot. I just hopes it's not so rocky that we get Manning hurt. I still think we are short one starter on the o-line but maybe the trade that is being rumored will address that.

I think the new kickoff rule is the best thing to happen to the Colts other than drafting Peyton Manning as long as we don't get cute with it and start doing what we did a little of in the Packers game where we had McAfee kick it short a couple of times to let them bring it out so we could tackle them inside the 20. No need to get greedy making the other team start at the 20 is a win for the Colts special teams.

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1. We won't be able to stop the run.

2. Our oline play will not run block good, especially the interior.

3. Poor special teams.

I hope i'm wrong but to me i don't see this stuff being fixed.

Okay. And you're basing this on ... the preseason games... the cuts... too little fiber...???

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actually that could give us some good runs

Good one! I don't know anything about the OP, but in general, when someone starts a post making a statement on how the team looks - good or bad - you'd think they'd stick around and respond to the questions.

So, unless proven wrong, I can't take them seriously.

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Actually, this post is spot on. From what I seen this year, nothing has really changed. You can add in there, the Colts still don't have a viable #2 at QB. Has been the same problem for years!

The only problem I have with this post is that the OP gives no reasons for his opinions. He doesn't even come back to comment on what others are saying. Not saying he's a troll, but if someone were to troll, that's a good way to do it.

So, since you jumped in - why do you think he's 'spot on'? (And remember, this was written prior to all the new Manning speculation).

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    • First off.. Thanks Superman for writing this up on Young   I would be very happy with either Young or Stroud as our pick     In regards to Richardson   If teams trade up and both Young and Stroud are gone (I think its a small chance)   But.... If that happens, I would consider taking Richardson over Levis   at 4   I really dont want to give up 2 firsts and 2 2nds and a player for a move up to 1            
    • Yes.  I could be negative and see only how every Qb we take could bust...and with the questions each has any one of them could be a bust, but I look at this pretty optimistically.  We need a QB, and I think this draft presents a lot of possibilities and choices that could work out for the best.  Trade up for the elite guy and he works out.  Stand Pat for the second best guy and he works out.  Trade back and pick up a traitsy player who needs a year to develop in a year where we have no chance of going to the SB anyway.   There are about 5 or 6 QBs that could all work for us depending upon if the investment is correct.      As a fan, I can't see me criticizing any of the picks or moves Ballard makes this draft when it comes to QBs.  But, as a fan, I reserve the right to later say...."He should have known better" if it doesn't work out.  He's getting paid to know better.
    • This definitely makes sense. People seem fixated on Chicago taking Anderson or Carter. Poles has said his main objective has and will be to help Fields by surrounding him with talent. That starts up front. Even if they trade down in the top 4, I feel they will trade down again to stock picks. Anderson and Carter are nice players but I don't see Poles taking a risk on one player. He is more of the obtain more picks and increase chances of upgrading talent guy.
    • I don't accept your description that its trolling.  Trolling is intentionally saying something simply to stir the pot...to muck up the works.   If this got to a national level.... to a general football loving base, sports loving base, or general population, you don't know that the responses would be limited to just Colts fans.  You may have thousands of people who would see the Jeff hire as simply a rich white billionaire hiring is buddy over more qualified candidates.....maybe even minorities.....and would sign the petition to voice their concerns over such .    Which would be a concern to them beyond caring how many Ws and Ls Jeff might cause.     If Jeff is hired, there will be questions from general football fans, sports fans, or the population asking "What does this hire say about the NFL?"   I'd wager that the possibility of Irsay "hiring his buddy over other candidates" already has grated on enough people to contribute to their existing opinion about whether or not Jeff should be hired.    And this is the type of emotion the media morphs into and taps into.  Effectively, the media trolls the population trying to get them all triggered up.   Besides.  Petitions by their nature are one sided.  10,000 signatures may sound like a lot, but it may be less than the 11,000 votes that would support Jeff for HC if an actual poll was the medium used for fan expression.  Or less than the 150,000 opinions who are comfortable leaving it up to the owner to hire the HC he wants for the reasons he wants.  These opinions would never be known, because if you are comfortable leaving it up to the owner, you are the type of person who is not going to sign a petition in the first place.  Petitions are a form of activism, and most people aren't activists.  And most activists could care less if their opinion is in the minority, they just want their opinion to prevail.
    • If Ballard believed in Br that much he would have drafted him in R2at 53.  He was considered by some to be 1st R talent.  BR slid from where he was projected.  He was there and CB took him, but this certainly wasn’t the strategy .  We will wait until a projected 1st or 2nd rounder whom I really like slips to 77.    
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