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Use Links - Stampded Blue & Coltsinsider Update Throughout Day & Mathews & Ollie Ogbu Apparently Waived But Ollie Things Is Going To Practice Squad


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it sounds like Ollie Ogbu will be cut. However, he seems to have been told the team wants to sign him to the practice squad.

Rotoworld confirms that Ricardo Mathews was waived.

stampde blue general as keeps adding new stories on cuts

My link

[uPDATE] Coltss Insider

Colts DT Ollie Ogbu has posted an unclear, yet promising tweet.

He later tweeted that he couldn’t say any good news until tomorrow, which would point to a practice squad appointing if he clears waivers.

Travis Baltz waived. Expected.

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    • The definition of an incentive is to encourage a certain performance.   In this NFL policy, the NFL specifically ties performance to hiring minorities....that is how they measure performance.    When you measure discrimination by counting faces instead of determining the hearts, that is a problem.   This policy came after the RR.  The first rule wasn't enough.  They added a second rule to expand it to executive hires.   The NFL wants more minorities as HCs and GMs than what there is now.    I don't understand how you question that.    When does it end?  Beats me.  Maybe when the NFL has one token white guy as a GM, HC, and each team has a white player, the face-counters will be satisfied?  Maybe sometime before that?  I don't know. It seems that it will lie in the subjectivity of the judging party.   Interviews do not provide an opportunity when a racist is simply forced to interview a candidate.  The candidate is already shut out before they even interview, that's what racism does.   A lot of people are now making the allegation that the simply "following the RR" is a sham.  They would not be making that if fewer minorities were being rejected.  That's basically what some are saying happened in CAR with hiring Frank over Wilks.  Wilks got the "opportunity" via interviewing and actually doing a good job for 9 weeks.      Big deal.      The results are still causing a problem for some.   
    • Seeing it all over,google and you will find a dozen right away.....   https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/kentucky-football/will-levis-projected-as-no-1-overall-pick-in-another-mock-draft-from-cbs-sports/   https://www.theringer.com/2022/12/22/23519559/will-levis-is-going-to-be-the-no-1-pick-plus-other-potential-first-round-qbs-ringer-nfl-draft https://www.stampedeblue.com/2023/1/27/23573755/pff-2023-nfl-mock-draft-projects-colts-to-trade-up-for-kentucky-qb-will-levis-at-1-overa   Levis definitely has a higher ceiling then Young or Stroud,no one is arguing against that from what I have seen, for every Losman then is a Josh Allen whose stats werent great and supporting cast wasnt either. The NFL is much more a passing game then when Losman played a lot has happened in 20 years.
    • What exactly are the results they were expecting and what they have admitted that they have not got?    It becomes very subjective as to who responds.    But, the minimum expectations were that the rule would give more opportunities to diverse and minority candidates and that has been working.    No one expected diverse candidates to become majority because of the rule. I'm not sure what exactly you think isn't working.    You can't force the franchises to hire diverse candidates and that could risk not always getting the best candidates, so how would the league penalize?    Rooney Rule is in place to give more opportunities to diverse candidates, and the rule is working as expected.    Expecting anything else wouldn't mean that the rule has not worked. 
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