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    • I agree with this. There’s analyzing and then there’s doing. The former is no substitute for the latter. Not knocking analysts, but it’s a whole different ball game if you’ve actually been in the game. And journalists want access to players, coaches, owners etc for that reason. The need for access influences their coverage which in Indy leans sycophantic and unrealistic. 
    • Frank hater here. It didn’t matter at that point when Frank was fired, because he’d lost the locker room. When it becomes clear to the team that your job is more important than theirs and that’s all it’s about, they don’t wanna play for you no matter how much they want a career in the NFL. We certainly saw that with the guys who got paid already. So, anyone would be better at that point, and I’m happy with Saturday. At least he’s a former player for the team and knows the building. Some of these guys are disheartened and some just have bad attitudes. Irsay trusts him to figure out who. I think it was a smart move, even if I don’t think he’s a good coach. I think anyone was better than Frank and think the team should consider a complete rebuild. I don’t trust Ballard obviously.
    • I think we get smoked but I would love for us to win this on a Sunday night. That would make my whole year because nobody is giving us a chance, I even think we will get smoked.
    • I agree. I think Ohio St gets in now regardless. USC lost to Utah twice.
    • Yeah they have been bad recently. Michigan in today's game is playing the same style Nebraska did in the 90's, so right there proves you can just run the football, wear teams down with a dominant O.Line, and just have a QB that makes key plays. Back in the 90's, Nebraska killed Florida who had a high powered passing game in 1995. They also beat Miami in 1994 who was a high powered passing team. When Nebraska won it all in 1997 they made Peyton look average when they smoked Tennessee.
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