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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Jaguars Thursday Night Football Game Thread

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I mean, that's the right call, but I didn't think they'd have the cojones to make it on review.

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I'll always love Peyton and the way he played in Indy but he was the worst, most awkward running QB I've ever seen...lolol


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    • Agree with this. I expect one or two of these guys to be signed, so I prefer it to be Tankersley and Greene. That would be valuable depth where we need it.
    • If we're working out all these guys, we'll probably sign one. I heard the NFL wanted teams to sign players they work out. We did just that with Tavon Wilson and Taylor Stallworth, so I expect one or two of these guys to be signed as well.
    • Tankersley and Greene are the only ones that interest me. None really excite me. Prince is a G. Green is a flex IIRC. 
    • Purely my opinion, but I think Campbell will probably benefit the most from having Rivers as a QB. JB was unwilling/unable to throw quality balls to the seam, and Rivers doesn't have that problem. Same with the deep balls, but I think the seam routes will be far more productive this year.
    • JB is a safe guy to get us over a short term hump, but I think we all know his limitations. Love the guy, hate his salary, but he's the guy I'd want manning the ship if Rivers was out a game or so. I just don't want to go through another season with the limitations he brings. I'd rather see one of the young kids get an opportunity to make a case for a long term answer.    As for the OP, I think we'll carry 3 QBs on the active roster, and one on the PS. It could be a wacky year with Covid, so I'm more than OK with carrying 3+1. Having the option to protect PS guys is also nice. I'd prefer to segregate 2 of them from the other 2.   I'd actually prefer they segregate the 2 deep (all positions) from everyone else, and also the D from the O. I read something a while back that they're looking at all kinds of ways to keep folks away from each other, including multiple rooms for the same position groups, etc.
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