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    • With his injury history, I doubt there are going to be many teams out there offering to dish out money like he'd be a guaranteed starter, and I would doubt many teams are going to be throwing long-term deals at him.  He has to prove he can stay healthy for a 16 game season, something he hasn't done in 4 years (7 games, 14 games, 13 games, <2 games).     So, it wouldn't be too surprising (IMO) if Ballard offered him a 1 year deal with a low guarantee and some incentives built in... but he probably knows he's a better fit in a different scheme and can get a similar deal elsewhere where he's more suited to play.     It will be interesting... if JT/Wilkins/Hines prove they're a formidable trio, where would Mack fit in the puzzle if he came back to Indy next year... I'd think he'd be able to go elsewhere, get offered more $ and have a better chance to get more carries.  I could be wrong, but my sense is that JT is going to establish himself a true #1 RB in this league before this year ends.  I understand his wear may be an issue considering how many miles he put on in college, but so far (in limited time) Wilkins has shown he can be a solid supplement to him.  Mack has already shown the league he can be an upper-level back in the NFL, so I don't think he'll have too much trouble finding $ if he is passing all his physicals and looking good in his workouts.     TJ Green or Laron Landry... I don't think Hooker is even close to either of those guys.  Hooker produced in college, he was producing very well (being talked about DROY) as a rookie before he got hurt.  He hasn't been a bad football player here.  He doesn't get thrown at much.  He's playing a scheme that isn't entirely suited to his skill set... but he has shown he can play.  TJ Green was a raw guy who didn't produce near the level as Hooker did in college and never showed anything in the NFL (another Grigs bust) and Landry was a roided out freak who was shown the door by the league because he couldn't pass PED tests.   Hooker, if he can stay healthy, can play in this league.  That is his major concern, is his health... he is an above average football player who could be very good if he's in the right system.     Yes, that was a weird scenario all around.  Ballard, keep in mind, didn't get to choose his coach.  He was basically stuck with Pagano.  Ballard knew what scheme he wanted to run on D, which was different than Pagano.  Pagano was talking about Hooker as 'the next Ed Reed' (who played under Pagano when he was a DC in Baltimore).  Hooker really fit the Pagano mold.  I would not be shocked, if Pagano is still in a defensive coordinator position going into next year that Hooker went to whatever team Pagano was affiliated with, TBH.  
    • Agreed.  He came to the Colts to play with Luck, make a lot of stats, win a lot of games, and make a lot of money.  When Luck quit, and he had to play with Brissett, none of those things were going to happen anymore, and he knew it.  The light just went out of his eyes, and he didn't really care to be here anymore.
    • I can absolutely see the loss costing us positioning in the playoffs. Hopefully it was just rust (execution and game plan) and we'll start to roll. There really is no making up for a loss to a team ranked 32nd (at the time). It is what it is, and you just got to move on. Perhaps beating TN on the road might make up for, but honestly TN doesn't look all that great right now, and I already thought we'd fair well against them.   As far as the whole O vs D thing, simply put, they are symbiotic. A good D helps the offense by giving them opportunity and field position. A good O helps the D by keeping them off the field.
    • Once again, I agree with u in sine points. Also as the season progresses, teams get more film ti look at. I am just not a big beleiver in this scheme. Feel it is out dated.
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