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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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In two weeks I've heard; crack back block, low block, and illegal wedge.

We are the most interesting team for oh so many reasons.


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4 weeks in a row I scored the second most points in my FF league and played the guy with the most. I look to break that today.

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Luck is great at extending plays and getting the ball out. I just hope he doesn't get killed like Ben Rothlisberger does

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    • I don’t think it will be a lot of them opting out. But I could see a few. The nfl is taking a lot of precautions. Players won’t even be able to be in the facility with a cough or sneeze without a couple negative tests.  I think we will see positive tests with the initial screening but hopefully players will be smart off the field and after those initial tests there won’t be many. I read the eagles are going to be testing all coaches and quarantining then until they are all tested. They are even testing their family members that live in the house with them.    Sone of the stuff like no jersey swaps is dumb. If those players are all tested and cleared before games they should be able to have jersey swaps. Players are laughing at this silly rule.   The nfl is allowing teams to have 2 fan events with players in the preseason as long as protocols are followed. No fans at training camp.   With revenue sharing its probably good to let fans in some stadiums if local governments say its ok. Even if all can’t. That helps with revenue. If stadium workers and fans wear masks they can have 15 to 20 thousand pretty easily socially distancing.    What will be interesting if there is a vaccine by the end of the year or January maybe playoffs can go back to full stadiums. 
    • Adams house is in a part of Carmel that has had problems with the Lucas Estate (also in carmel).  The Lucas hold a lot of events for pay.  It's like a full on event venue.   He's remonstrated against it as have a lot of his neighbors. He said they cannot sit outside without having to deal with whatever music the event plays.   The city has tried to get the Lucas to stop running a business in a residential area but, they keep doing it.   I'm not surprised he is moving to Zionsville.  He can afford it and it is adorable
    • You had to get serious, didn't you?  No harm.   For what it is worth, neither what you have been told nor what I have been told, due to lack of consistency, is going to factor into the NFL plans. They will have their own set of doctors that they trust to make their decisions based on and we just sit back and watch, I guess, if there is football.   Otherwise, no masks necessary changed to masks needed, Ibuprofen not working to Ibuprofen is OK, transmission through air is highly possible to maybe possible, 3 feet to 6 feet of distancing but 12 feet necessary if the person is sweating and running in front of you, surface transmission is highly likely to less likely, the evolving information for an evolving virus is endless and you will go crazy trying to settle on certainty about symptoms and precautions.   The only certainty is that there is a virus and people have died w.r.t Covid-19, enough to get our attention. Keep your immune system supported and do the best you can on that front.
    • I wasnt trying to lighten the mood... I am a spectator of this coronavirus thing. And I have to social distance on top of being a spectator. Therefore i have to rely on what I'm being told, and what I'm being told is all over the place. I have *heard* that things are crazy. Hospitals are filling up and people dont know what to do.    Then, I have heard, from a nurse friend that most of the people who are coming in have a "something" wrong with them and are freaked our for no reason.    Then I hear that nurses have sent in unused tests to see them come back positive for coronavirus.    Have you seen the symptoms list? It is aboxiously long and unrealistic.    In the end. This is just what I've been told.      I'd love to see the NFL season go live this year. It would suck, especially in the position the Colts are in to do amazing things. I'm not taking away from the fact that coronavirus has changed the way we all live. But I'm not just going to believe what I hear when what I hear is an unfiltered mess.    I have posted here about this before, and I was on the other side. And the  more Info comes out there is  nothing consistent on this.    Not trying to be hostile...    
    • Colts Club Season Ticket Members, This is an unprecedented time for our sport. As we navigate the twists and turns of the COVID-19 pandemic, I want you to know that our top priority is the safety of our fans, players and staff. As such, our league is instituting some significant changes to the gameday experience that will affect all of us. This will include: A modified preseason schedule, Reduced stadium capacity that complies with CDC guidelines for social distancing, Tarps being placed over the eight rows nearest the field as an increased safety measure for football personnel and fans, A food and beverage experience that minimizes person-to-person contact, An adjusted game presentation that eliminates non-essential personnel on the playing field, and Additional health and safety protocols, including face coverings. We understand that some of these changes will impact your ability to attend games this season and are in the process of developing our overall plan as it relates to our Club Season Ticket Members. This will include a fair and equitable way to offer you these limited seating options. Your Colts representative will be in touch in the coming weeks with more detail on how these changes will be managed—and, most importantly, how it will affect you and your current contract for the upcoming season. I cannot tell you how important you are to the Indianapolis Colts franchise and how much we appreciate your loyalty and support. I ask for your patience and understanding as we move forward together. God bless you and your loved ones, stay safe—and GO COLTS! Jim Irsay Colts.com | Schedule | Tickets  
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