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Just moved here with my girlfriend, and with the season starting next weekend I have a few questions.

First, how often are Colts games broadcasted around here? We have Uverse. Second, does anyone know any bars in the saint louis hills or surrounding areas that show multiple football games?


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Is Sunday Ticket on cable yet? It should be, I don't know a single person that has direct TV anymore.

Now you do.

Directv still has the exclusive rights. There was something new last year about non-customers being able to watch the games online, but for what-it's-worth that's still coming through Directv.

I'd love to save some money by signing up for FIOS and then getting the online version, but I don't have the equipment needed to feed the broadband signal to the TV (no laptop, no game machine, etc), and I sure as heck don't intend to watch a game on a monitor.

If I'm missing something (ie: would the FIOS tv box with it's broadband connection allow you to bring in the Sunday Ticket broadcast) I'd be curious to hear about it.

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First order of biz, since your new in town, it's St.Louis, no one is in Saint Louis, that's why he was a Saint. Think Nuns.

Secondly, pony up and get directtv. NFL Sunday ticket is worth it. The sole reason I have DirectTV is for Sept-Jan.nget you a crap basic package, then add 350, and you won't regret it.

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Ummmhhh . . . that was rather rude and not really necessary. Colts fans talking to other Colts fans about their favorite places should not be a problem.

And yes, we all know google is our friend. :)

Wasn't trying to be rude. Why is everyone so sensitive? If I go to another city, the first thing I do is google sports bars.

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I would get directv, but uverse is so much cheaper and we wouldn't have to deal with losing signal all the time. Even if I decided it is worth it, my girlfriend would never go for it, so that's out of the question.

As I alluded to in my earlier post, you can watch the games online. Not my first option, but if satellite is out of the question it is better than nothing. Cost you $350 or so.


Scratch that. I just called them and they don't do that anymore. Old on-line users are grandfathered in, but no new ones without a Directv subscription. For what it's worth, we don't have much of a problem with signal loss - other than the irony of the fact that those times it does happen (bad storm) are the same times you'd be most likely to be camped out in front of the tube. A DVR certainly helps with that.

Never been to a sports bar in my life, much less St Louis, so can't help you there. ;)

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There's a thing called Google. Try searching for St. Louis sports bars.

Thanks for the heads up! If only I knew about this 'google' thing it would have saved me a lot of hassle.

I've already looked up saint louis sports bars dipsh*t. I was curious about personal opinions of people who might live in the area and have the same dilemma.

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    • I don't accept your description that its trolling.  Trolling is intentionally saying something simply to stir the pot...to muck up the works.   If this got to a national level.... to a general football loving base, sports loving base, or general population, you don't know that the responses would be limited to just Colts fans.  You may have thousands of people who would see the Jeff hire as simply a rich white billionaire hiring is buddy over more qualified candidates.....maybe even minorities.....and would sign the petition to voice their concerns over such .    Which would be a concern to them beyond caring how many Ws and Ls Jeff might cause.     If Jeff is hired, there will be questions from general football fans, sports fans, or the population asking "What does this hire say about the NFL?"   I'd wager that the possibility of Irsay "hiring his buddy over other candidates" already has grated on enough people to contribute to their existing opinion about whether or not Jeff should be hired.    And this is the type of emotion the media morphs into and taps into.  Effectively, the media trolls the population trying to get them all triggered up.   Besides.  Petitions by their nature are one sided.  10,000 signatures may sound like a lot, but it may be less than the 11,000 votes that would support Jeff for HC if an actual poll was the medium used for fan expression.  Or less than the 150,000 opinions who are comfortable leaving it up to the owner to hire the HC he wants for the reasons he wants.  These opinions would never be known, because if you are comfortable leaving it up to the owner, you are the type of person who is not going to sign a petition in the first place.  Petitions are a form of activism, and most people aren't activists.  And most activists could care less if their opinion is in the minority, they just want their opinion to prevail.
    • If Ballard believed in Br that much he would have drafted him in R2at 53.  He was considered by some to be 1st R talent.  BR slid from where he was projected.  He was there and CB took him, but this certainly wasn’t the strategy .  We will wait until a projected 1st or 2nd rounder whom I really like slips to 77.    
    • I don’t watch ball but I’m curious why you think he’s gonna bust?  He produced pretty good for perennial cellar dwelling SEC team with a brutal schedule just looking at it in oveRview ,  especially his junior year.
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