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Random Odd/funny Recent Irsay Tweets (Not Involving Colts)


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lol this guy is cracking me up. Makes no sense, he should direct a remake of The Wizard of Oz.

"Sometimes people drink heavily on tuesday night...a strange phenomenon indeed!"

"If your fly fishing in Bali,while tripping,and you think your gonna die...your probably right."

"Would u b part of a government covert experiment n take magic mushrooms n go fly fishing n Alaska for $3000..Uncle Sam Sufkin wants 2know?"

Atleast the Colts have the most interesting enigmatic owner in the league. He sure is a puzzling occurrence lol!! It's good to never take things to seriously, especially when it comes to social media, blogs, forums. If I had the ability to screw with the media the way he does as well, believe me I'd take full advantage of it.



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I thought this was hilarious, Colts related though. He had a contest for people to go to Cincy with 2 tics and $100. This was his response to the winner.

Sloppyjoe765 is right,$100 should cover gas,beers n parking..Doctor's notes available 4 no work 2morrow as well!!!!!!

He definitely takes care of the fans.

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