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Colts Vs. Browns Game Day Thread

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Hi, Colts Fans! :) Indianapolis Colts will try to even their record and earn their third win as they host the visiting Cleveland Browns at LOS.

This afternoon will not only feature the matchup of first round rookie quarterbacks, the Colts First Overall Pick Andrew Luck of Stanford, and 22nd Overall Pick Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State, but also the rematch when both played in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl in Glendale Arizona, to wrap their college careers. Luck threw for 347 yards with two TD's and one INT in the game, but his Stanford Cardinal lost to Weeden's Oklahoma State Cowboys in overtime 38-41. Weeden threw 399 passing yards including throwing three TD's to current Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon. Luck finished his college career throwing 10,387 yards, including 82 touchdowns, during his four years with the Stanford Cardinal.

Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano also served as the Browns secondary coach from 2001 through 2004, and offensive coordinator/interim Head Coach Bruce Arians was the Browns offensive coordinator from 2001-2003.

Browns currently lead the all-time regular season series 14 games to 12, and a rivalry that started when the then-Baltimore Colts defeated the Browns 21-7 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium back on November 11, 1956. Both teams also split 2-2 in the NFL Playoffs.

Cleveland was able to snap their five-game regular season losing streak to the Colts at Indianapolis's expense defeating them in their last meeting 27-19 at LOS on September 18, 2011. Their win was their first since defeating the Colts 21-14 back on September 25, 1994. Colts last defeated the Browns at Indianapolis, winning 13-6 at the RCA Dome, back on September 25, 2005.

Kevin Harlan and former Bengals defensive back Solomon Wilcotts are announcing the live TV game commentary for The NFL On CBS, seen regionally in the Midwest and the Ohio Valley, the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area, and in Indianapolis on WISH CBS 8 on HD.

Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' and Will Wolford are also announcing the live radio game play-by-play and analysis, along with sideline reporter Kevin Lee, simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WLHK 97.1FM, and the Colts/Vectren Radio Network.

LOS's roof may be closed for this afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff because although there are Sunny skies, the local forecast in the stadium area in Downtown Indianapolis is cool at 61 degrees, feels like 60 degrees, 60% precipitaion, 0% humidity, and southern winds at 10 miles per hour.

Browns may dress in their matching white jerseys and pants, while the host Colts are wearing their blue home jerseys, and white pants.

Both the Colts and Browns, and all NFL players, coaches and team supporting staff, cheerleaders, and even fans this weekend may continue to wear the authentic pink NFL apparel and accessories to recognize the NFL's annual support, of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

NO injuries to both the Colts and Browns, but hope Indianapolis even exceed 2011 win record at 3-3 with a win this afternoon. GO COLTS!!! :D:cheer::helmet::coltslogo::coltshorse::colts::coltsfb::1colts: :ribbon: :cheer:

Colts Vs. Browns NFL Gamecenter:


Colts Vs. Browns Detail Pregame Media Release On Adobe PDF:


Colts Vs. Browns Pregame Injury Reports:



Colts Vs. Browns NFL On CBS Early Doubleheader Game TV Distribution Map In Blue:


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Now that is a SERIOUS introduction to a great Colts day of football.....wondering about the roof......temp is perfect for football with 5-10mph winds...

We need the 12th man, the 13th man (Coach Pagano) and all of the great forum contributors to stay postitive today and will this banged up team to a win, and get more healthy players back next week. We need some big plays from 'unknowns' on defense and special teams.

Thanks as always for a great game day thread! Love it! I am ready for the game Are you???? :yes: :shoe: :helmet::coltshelmet::coltslogo::coltshorse::coltsfb::colts: :colts: :colts:

I am adding the link to the roster....(click on the number sign # for by number)....may need a program on defense today! Go Colts.


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I'm ready for another high on this roller coaster, Go Colts!

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It will feel like 68 in the stadium if the roof is open but its probably better to have the roof closed because ironically, it's too sunny.

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wow it took Arians 5 games to figure out the running game will help Luck out?

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That's a play where Addai and his jukes would have made the tackler miss

This is week 7, Addai wouldn't be playing anyway (I'm not even joking, this was the point in the season the last couple years he would get hurt).

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    • Here's where I think Kelly 'fans' are distressed. To your point we don't know Kelly...fair.  So what do we know.  We know he can run, dude's fast.  We know he has a strong arm, like that.  We know he'll throw downfield and into tight windows, good!  We know he will stand in the pocket, check. We know he has the stuff to go into Alabama with an Ole Miss team and beat em, that no small thing. We also know he has off-field issues maybe he's grown up, don't know but we hear good things from Frank.  So to someone like me, I like what I see and like what I hear...Rally confused.   Here's what we know about Hoyer, he has none of those physical attributes but he's good in the QB room.  Ok, well, I'm good in QB room but you wouldn't want me under center.  There's an obvious hesitation here on the part of Frank and/or Chris to make Kelly a part of the permanent roster, they will likely cut him again and hope he clears waivers over Hoyer, that to me is absolutely stunning.  Either, Kelly is an off the field nightmare we shouldn't be investing in OR he should be at worst QB2. Hoyer is simply not good, we can get his level of performance literally anywhere, he's the prototypical failed backup and those are readily available on the cheap. I wouldn't understand keeping him over a contract when he weakens the team relative to someone like Kelly on game day.  So to a previous posters comment, why is Kelly here?  If he is such an integrity issue it's not our job to make a man out of him while he occupies a spot.  If he's is good enough physically, which he is, and he's on this roster, which he is, he should stay up and get some first team reps, as all back ups should and see how matures.  It starting to feel like some ego at play here.  All in all, our leadership was ill-prepared to deal with Brissett going down and choked this week in prep.  It's my hope we dump Hoyer who is useless and keep Kelly at QB2, I don't think that will happen.  My 2+ cents.
    • Willis ran in the low 4.5s in both his pro day and combine. No offense, but the articles on Colts.com are always very kind to the guys we draft. Like I said, love Willis, I just think he's more of a box guy. And low 4.5s is fast enough. He's field fast in the short space, which is great. 
    • Ok, read the following, and let me know specifically what you disagree with...   On Parcells.... https://nypost.com/2019/09/08/why-jacoby-brissett-has-a-big-backer-in-bill-parcells/   I love BP. Old school dude. Keep in mind he was a "defensive" coach. Do you remember the Bruner/Simms fiasco when he was in NY (not sure how old you are). Even BP admits he made the wrong QB decisions. At NE, he drafted Drew B with the first pick his first year, and then he bolted for NYJ after a few years. He didn't last long there either. When he was at Dallas, they were all over the place with QB.   I give him props for the two SBs in NYG, but he's also had some bad years and a lot of first round and WC losses. I don't think of him as a QB genius at all. It's pretty clear BP is more sold on JB's character than talent. And that's fine too. But his endorsement doesn't weigh heavily from a talent perspective given the entire context.    As far as Belichick is concerned, he's a genius on many things. And he's also a D guy. Aside from Brady, what is his track record for QBs? His HC gig with the Browns was a real mixed bag. At NE, since Brady, he's drafted 10 QBs. The majority of them never amounted to anything. Aside from Cassell (who had more downs than ups) and Jimmy G, the rest were bombs.    And JB was third on their depth chart, and IIRC they were shopping JB after the deflate gate and injury time was done. Not saying BB isn't a genius, or a great at evaluating .........  but the other 8 QBs did nothing, and what does that say about him? Love to hear the explanation.      
    • Yea that’s what his combine profile states but when the scouts took him through position drills and had him run his 40 at pro day their numbers tell a different story. And anyone can tell you a 40 yard dash is all about technique. Track speed doesn’t necessarily translate to “On the Field Speed” but I found the article and verbatim this is what the scouts said on Willis. If you’re curious to read the entire article it’s on Colts.com and titled “Through the Scouts Eye”   “So, you see him not only playing in the box, but I mean, he's played free safety. He plays nickel. He's played on the slot and he did a pretty good job with that. I think he's faster than a lot of people and a lot of people give him credit for it and he tested pretty well that way. I think he ran in the 4.4s, and he's a very well-rounded player. I was always taught a long time ago slow safety usually get your beat, dumb safeties always get your beat. He's the polar opposite of both. So, we're really excited about him.”
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