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    • Real NBA pundits, coaches and execs were parroting "Jump shooting teams cannot win in the NBA" and "You need low post presence to win" just like... 5-10 years ago. Data and analysis about the value of the 3 has been available for close to 20 years. You underestimate just how married people are to their old ways and how hard it is to teach the old dog new tricks, especially when this is all they've known for their whole lives and now you are telling them what they've been taught for 20-30-50 years is wrong. Some will adapt and flourish, most won't...    My favorite quote that encapsulates perfectly the situation comes from a field that is MUCH more open to new ideas than football - science. And even there, there is a long history of resistance to new ideas. Physicist Max Planck once said "Science advances one funeral at a time". What he meant was that science doesn't advance by convincing the old guard that the new ideas are correct, but by the old timers just dying out and the new generation unburdened by emotional attachments to the old stuff being allowed to just follow where the evidence points to.    BTW I do NOT think the run game is meaningless or that it doesn't have a role to play in today's game. It is extremely important in situational football, in end of game situations, in goalline and 3d and 4th and short situations, etc. I just do not think it serves anyone any good perpetuating myths about its importance for things that have been repeatedly shown to not correlate to run-game success.     
    • For those that wanted Suh, hes off the board.   https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/21/ndamukong-suh-expected-to-sign-with-buccaneers/
    • The problem is the secondary is really hard to watch from the angles we are getting on TV and the fans general population doesn't dissect in detail what's happening ... they just see the big plays - the interceptions, the big pass-breakups, or a big missed tackle etc... they don't see when the QB doesn't even throw the ball because of perfect coverage or threat of playmaking by players like Hooker. The real insane stat here is 1 reception per 130 snaps... that's like ... once every 2.5 games or thereabout... there is a value to what Hooker provides both as a playmaker and as a deterrent for opposing QB's even thinking about throwing deep. 
    • My gripe with Stitches view is these coaches have access to this same data that you're quoting. They have all kinds of stat men in the building with them.  I don't think they are oblivious to any of this stuff.  Then you've got actual football coaches in this forum like Coffedrinker and Princeton Tiger and very few of them really down play the importance of running the football and what it does for your passing game.  I just can't buy that all of them are just merely being stubborn and ignoring the data for age long myths.  I think there's a better reason why coaches still keep that mantra.
    • he got off to a slow start last year, but everyone had to notice his interception on eli and his solid play overall by the end of the year   fans just go by what they see, and that can change a lot week to week. 
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