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Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread


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Wow. I'm a necomer to Indy from the East Coast and I just cannot explain why we are losing to this crap team the Jets. Something is seriously wrong with our staff. We should be way much more prepared to compete than we are today. Probably, I am not "Midwestern" tolerant enough. I'm used to winning.

No this is completely understandable, the complaining anyway.

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Gonna keep it on.....heading down for hot tub.....a cocktail and dinner....Eli vs 49ers coming up...GB Texans tonight....

I think if we do nothing here....how about see if Drew Stanton wants to play against the Tebows? Just a thought...good comments guys and gals. Peace out! :blueshoe: :blueshoe: :blueshoe:

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Yikes. This is embarrassing to me. I can't believe I bought season tickets. Didn't expect necessarily to have a winning season. But this is performance is garbage. Where I come from the newspapers would be all over the team and the coaching staff, and with good reason. I expect the Indy Star to make excuses. No way. This is rubbish. Wish I could get my STH money back. Oh well.

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