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Colts Sign Mike Hamlin


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Did Hamlin play against the Bengals? If so, how did he look? I'm waiting for the re-run of the game on the NFL Network since I missed the game last night.

He played late in the game, At least thats the only time I noticed him and that was because he whiffed on at least 2 different plays in the same drive. Think he's going to have a very short stay in Indy.

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I think it still could happen. As long as Hayden's ego doesn't get in the way.

He should remember Polian drafted him higher than most expected. Heck, didn't he shift to CB his college senior year?

No one has picked him up. Colts type of defensive players don't always fit other teams schemes.

Real cuts haven't even happened yet, after cuts there will be more of "his quality" CBs on the market.

This has 2 advantages. 1. His pricetag(value) will go down. 2. There might be a better option available.

I think someone picked hayden up a few days ago. I am pretty sure to atlanta

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