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Pittsburgh upset helps Colts

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Well, one game at a time. A few weeks ago we were utter garbage according to most and everything sucked. Now we are the feisty Cardiac Colts.

I never believed in the offseason this team would be as bad as many thought, but at the same time trying to imagine the playoffs right now seems like too much. One game at a time, we still have a lot of learning to do and this team needs to learn to win consistently and on the road too.

BTW if somehow we got in it would be a dream.....an improbable run. A suprise team and usually we have been the favorites. I think many would be pulling for us too with the Pagano factor.

Win or lose I still pinch myself this year at what I see. I just love it.

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I thought Tennesse was awful...Pitt gave them the game....we have to beat Tenn to qualify for the wild card...under any scenario

In the standings..that's a PItttsbugh loss...and we dont play them.

If they're 2nd in their division (which seems likely)...we need them behind us...

They aren't awful.

They were giving the Texans all they could handle: even after Locker got hurt and a cold Hasselbeck had to come in......Chris Johnson was eating Houston alive up the gut, up until the time where Houston fell butt-backwards into a pick 6 that changed the entire complexion of the game. Tenn basically gave up right after that.

Now that they have time to prepare for a game knowing that Hasselbeck is their starter, they will be a tough out.

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