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Diem Staying Put At Rg.


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The more I think about it, the more I am okay with this. Right now I feel like we only have two glaring weaknesses on our team. Right tackle, and our 2nd CB spot. I feel Link gives us the best opportunity to block the run. I also think we will have Brown or Addai helping Link in the pass blocking in the beginning of the season. I am also more comfortable with it not being Peyton's blind side. Lacey still bothers me, but we will have to see what he can do before I am overly-skeptical.

Agreed. I think a few more games for Link and we can make a sound judgement. Getting blow up a few times is going to happen to a guy with little experince. Lacey has no such excuse.

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Maybe he won't false start so much at Guard because he's right next to Saturday. I can only hope

Not only will he ben next to Saturday, but he will also not have to get out of his stance as quickly at the guard position. I feel that he was false starting a lot last year because he was trying to protect Peyton and block these lightning quick DEs in the league. The tackles will not be as quick, so the pressure should be off of him a little bit in that respect. Now I am aware that he did have a false start in the last pre-season game at the guard position. This is just my thinking and hopefully Diem does not prove me wrong and lead the league in false starts again...

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