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Question of the Day - 10/10

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2-2 and i agree with mystrymaster it should be 3-1 right now. and honestly we have a chance to win the next 5 games also with games

@ Jets


@ Tenn


@ Jax

those are 5 very winnable games right there. Jets really dont have a QB and lost their best WR in Holmes, Cleveland although getting better the colts should sstill win this game, Tenn might be a challenge because its a division game, Miami has a good defense but i think luck can beat them in the secondary and JAcksonville the colts i believe will want revenge on the heartbreaking loss at home against the jags three weeks ago and i think they beat them.

so it really isnt unrealistic to be 7-2 or even 6-3 going into week 11 @ new england. and then even after that games against....

Buffalo - might be tough to win but its at home and if we can pressure fitzpatrick we can force him to make mistakes

Tenn - if chris johnson dont get going i honestly believe we can sweep the season series against Tenn.

Houston (2) - this is a very tough two games, but if houston already has their seed locked up by week 17 schaub and company wont play and the colts can win week 17 matchup at home

KC - their struggling in every aspect of the game. defense, offense no quarterback what so ever. so the only real threat will be Charles and if the colts can stop him then this game should be in the bag unless some miracle happens in KC and they turn their season around.

so if the colts can concistently play the way they did the second half against the packers they can go either 11-5 or 10-6 but i wont push it that far and say the most 9-7 and possibly a wild card spot. its possible.

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