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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Looks like we will get both back Sunday. With all the WR injuries I am excited to watch Campbell the last four games and see what he does. He should get lots of opportunities.    
    • Yeah, most mocks I've seen have Herbert going around 8-10, so if that holds we would have to trade up but Love or Eason should fall to us. It's gonna be interesting to see it play out, see if Ballard gets spooked and trades up, or has the nuts to wait and see if they fall...or even ballsier to wait and see if someone falls to the Redskins 2nd.   Hell, he may not go QB in the 1st, if they don't I'm really hoping they get a guy like Lamb, Higgins, or Shenault, a big bodied X receiver to compliment the speed of TY and Campbell. 
    • LOL. I'm not saying college is comp to NFL. What I am saying is if you're trying to gauge his ability to play vs tougher  or elite competition, Bama's D was tops in college for many of those years. I'm not saying his O in college could compete with NFL teams. I'm saying Bama had some of the best talent in college, and for instance, that would translate into increased pressure, tighter windows, etc....   And HS to College really isn't a good comp either. I played for a HS that won state twice while I was there. I had no delusions of them competing against a college team. I might take LSU or OSU over the Bengals this year though lol.
    • This mischaracterizes the issue in its entirety.  Just because it takes a long time for QBs to find generational talents at QB is not a reason they shouldn't try to get better at the position if the team doesn't have a generational talent at QB.  Bill Belichick has had Brady for the past 20 years and he's still drafted a QB every other year.  In the past 10 years, he's drafted 3 QBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.     It seems as though what you have in mind is teams selling the farm to trade up and take the #1 QB in the class at #1.  There are so many other viable ways ot get franchise QBs better than the one we have.  If we used a 2nd or 3rd on a QB, could it be the next Drew Brees or Russel Wilson?  Maybe.  But even if it's not and he sits a year and then ends up being better than Brissett, that's a win.  We can try again in another year or two.  You should always try to improve your roster and add valuable depth, no matter what the position is.     Yeah, we have a mediocre QB.  We should still be using higher draft capital and perhaps trading up in cases where it makes sense.  
    • At least he would add to the running game.  But still, no thanks. I'll take our chances in the draft.
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