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are you trying to say last year's o-line was magnificent or what are you trying to say. Did you even read my post? Read before commenting.

I believe what they were saying was, The worst oline in the past 10 years? Did you not watch last years oline?... I myself am having a hard time believing that our oline could be any worse than last year, and from what the game vs GB showed, at the least, in what you have said, is that there is a slight improvement.. So what you basically just did was contradict yourself in saying this could be the worse oline in ten years. Think before you post.

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I am kinda unclear on how what anything they said wasn't pretty much on target? Play 16 games with Curtis Painter at QB this season and we win maybe 3 and that is being nice. We are getting older in some very key positions and on the flip side are putting our trust in some very raw young guys in key positions, one being protecting our againg QB. Add on to that the fact that said aging QB isn't at 100%, has had zero practice and zero in game action and won't be 100% for a while and not real sure how what they said was that off? I think many here are "hopeing" for 1 last run, right now we need to hope we can have a respectful season and that our new GM can add some more talent next offseason.

My point was that one of the guys based his opinion of our O-line on the FIRST PRESEASON GAME! And this was after the Packer game where that line showed obvious improvement and gave Painter plenty of time to throw. Imagine if that was Peyton with that time. If that's not irresponsible reporting, then it's just plain lazy.

BTW, how did our QB do the last time he had zero practice and zero preseason game action? MVP season???

I can tell from your other posts that you like to look at the negative side, the 'what if everything goes wrong' side. You probably call it just being realistic, and you have every right to your opinion. But except for the 'aging QB who's not at 100%', I've yet to read anything from you to support it.

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Well our window IS closing. We are likely staring down the last 5 years of the Manning-era. However, reports of our demise are greatly exagerated by the media. I don't believe the Colts are done just yet though. IF healthy, this team can still beat anybody on any given Sunday.

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