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    • At this point IMO we need to raise the floor for this pass-rush. Right now we are risking being bottom 5 unit in the league next year. If we are going for it we need at least some solid pass-rushers, even if they are not ideal long-term...
    • Jets take Elijah Moore  Falcons up next
    • You're hanging your hat entirely on TDs, and ignoring every other indicator. I prefer Luck's skill set too (and scheme), but he was in a scheme that stressed passing. Watson in a different scheme, yet the majority of his passing stats are still better than Luck's. There's a whole lot of context to consider. JMO. Then factor Watson can stay healthy and doesn't snowboard. 
    • Yeah, PFF doesn't have a time to pressure/sack stat for pass rushers, just for QBs.    Lawson just doesn't fit into my team building ideal. I don't think he's going to live up to whatever he gets, unless he takes an extremely team friendly deal. I'm not thrilled with any of the FA pass rushers, maybe Okwara would be somebody I'd think about long term, but he's nothing special. At least he fits the mold a little better, has more length and a little more wiggle on tape. But I think Turay has the potential to be better than almost every FA edge rusher.    I haven't really analyzed this, but my inclination would be to double down on lower cost veterans along the DL, and hope we can generate more pressure across the entire front. Taking a flier on Von Miller intrigues me, but he's going to want a ton of money. But realistically, I don't see FA as the answer to our pass rush issues in 2021.
    • I am not saying Watson is bad either. I am on record saying Watson is a top 5 QB in the league right now and I defend him a lot. I am just saying if you give me a roster that is identical and I have my choice of QB, I am taking Luck over Watson. It is very close but I trust Luck more by a hair, JMO.
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