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Fantasy Football Trade Help....


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just want to get some one else's opinion... a friend in my league offered me:

Percy Harvin

Stephen Jackson


Matt Forte

Kendall Wright

thoughts? we all know what harvin can do with his many touches against us, even though he hasn't scored a TD he is puttin up points... and Stephen Jackson as well, but the box is being loaded up to stop him...

and for me...

Matt Forte is the one constant positives (aside from his ankle injury forcing him to miss last weeks game) on the Bears offense.. and Kendall Wright I don't see myself using him much, if at all, maybe if I have multiple WR/RB/TE with bye weeks, but i drafted to avoid the problem...

tough I can't lie.. seems easy to say yes but I just wanna get some opinions.. Thanks guys!

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This trade basically boils down to Harvin for Forte because Wright can't be depended on and Jackson hasn't done anything this year. Forte is probably more valuable when he's healthy... but whether or not this is worth it really depends on who else you have.

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