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it's pretty easy to tell what's going to happen now. Gabbert and Jones-Drew will drive right down and score..... isnt that how we did it last week? answer is YES, that's what we did and we are ready to do it again because our bad defense will catch up to us and let us down on this possession for the JAGS and it makes me ill.

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    • For what it’s worth….   Allen’s jump from Y2 to Y3 was historic.   As in never been done before.  Ever.   His completion percentage jumped about 10.5 points.   Again, historic.   Did he cool off this year?   Yes, but still very high and he’s throwing much further down the field than CW is.      Who are you comparing JA to?   Who was the flash in the pan who turned out average?  
    • Hmm , he said out his own mouth that he probably should have kept a vet on d line. Fisher was a bad move sign guy coming of that injury, Rhodes I was on board with didn’t really have other options , sendejo was had to be done after injuries. I was talking about the d line in respects to letting both guys who was up there in sacks on team walk for u proven talent or unreliable guys 
    • Autry said he want to stay with team no offer , came back to team with what titans was offering and Ballard thought it was to high let him walk 
    • We will see what the future holds. There is a long list of qb’s that have a couple great games or a year or two, everyone hypes them, and they turn out to be average. Making him out to be manning, Brady, rogers, etc. is way premature.
    • Fisher was just bad a pass pro.... He's never been great in that area. Plenty of pre-Indy film showing him on skates. So can't blame him on Wentz.   Kelly has taken steps back two years in a row, and that's not on Wentz, anymore it was on Rivers last year.   And the Davenport and Tevi ugly snaps aren't on Wentz either. Both are just bad.   Wentz's cap hit is 28M (15M in DC) in 2022.  Rodgers cap hit is 46M (26M in DC) in 2022.  So +18M Doesn't mean they can't restructure when they extend, but AR aint going to take a pay-cut....    I just don't think intra-div QBs are near the factor of OL and pass catching talent...    If I'm AR... My top choices are  Tampa Bay if Brady retires... Top 5 OL, and FO that's willing to bring back the skill guys. 49ers if they want to move on from Jimmy. Top 5 OL, good weapons, QB friendly HC/OC. WFT - top 10 OL, 1000 yard rusher, Terry Mclaurin, and some other nice young pieces. Just add another pass catcher...  Broncos - 2 good RBs, several nice young weapons. Just need to tweak the OL a bit. 
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