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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Tampa Bay hasn't made playoffs in years and they are elite?
    • To me he is one of the greatest GM's currently in the league. He's gotten the raw end of the deal on somethings but has made incredible moves. I would like to see him become less stubborn at times with moves, seems like he is to loyal to players at times such as Brissett. There are definitely some areas of concern for me and I am still scratching my head at picks such as the Banogu pick in the 2nd round. All in all I am incredibly happy with him and his positives heavily outweigh any negatives. The next 2 years will be very crucial for his legacy though because IMHO the excuses stop after having 2 years to find the QB of the future but I do think he will go down as one of the Colts best GM's ever. 
    • With Mack & Hooker injured and contracts expiring we may not have any draftees from his first draft on colts roster which was not that long ago.  The QB position presently and going forward is not looking so rosey unless Eason, a 4th rd. Pick emerges , or a trade for a quality veteran happens. Our receiving group is one of the weakest units in league and getting worse every year as TY ages. And Ballard still has a overall losing record. Having said that our Defense is much improved,  it's  biggest weakness is the soft, big cushion philosophy they sometimes employ.  After 4 years I dont think we're anywhere near the level of the elite teams like Pittsburgh, KC, Baltimore, Seattle, Tampa etc....    I'm not saying fire him or even he was a bad hire. I know he's not going anywhere and that's good 'caus I doubt we replace him with anyone who'll do better. He's  our man for the job. But our team doesn't reflect what a lot of people here think/say of him..... not yet anyway. Lol
    • WR is a wait and see at this point. You can tell both Pittman and Parris have great potential its a matter of both staying healthy though .
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