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Patriots expected to sign Kellen Winslow Jr


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Via Twitter

Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter

With Aaron Hernandez expected to miss at least one month, with Kellen Winslow having visited NE earlier, Patriots are expected to sign him.

Not a surprising move at all..

You are correct...not surprising at all. Gonzalez is out a minimum of 5 weeks....my guess is 6-8 weeks......those injuries can linger the entire year....darn all of the injuries this year!! :(
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It sounds like a huge portion of their offense is predicated on the 2 TE sets that they can't really run without a second TE who can catch. They paid Shiancoe a ton to bring him in, but he's on the "reserve IR" list where they can bring him back late in the year. So the Winslow signing makes sense.

When Hernandez went down on Sunday it was like the Pats' offense was playing in concrete after that. I think that completely messed up their gameplan. Granted they had time to adjust and should have done so before the very end of the game like they did, but the Hernandez injury is going to be a tough one for them. He looks like he was the centerpiece of the offense.

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