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Should I Start Wayne, Clark, And Or Garcon Week 1?


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This decision will be make-or-break for me week 1. I made the mistake of thinking Peyton would be in week 1, but now I doubt it, especially if Wayne is moaning about the signing. Does Wayne know something we dont? I think Manning is out week 1, but they don't want us to know.

Assuming Manning is out week 1, that leaves Collins. In Collins first three games his last two new teams (Titans in ’06 and Raiders in ’04), Collins is a combined 0-6 with two touchdowns and 13 interceptions. We also need to factor in Collins is older, so perhaps he lacks arm strength. Furthermore, obviously Wayne hates Collins. Could we possibly see Wayne not play to his full potential, or in the worst case scenario, purposely play poorly?


On the other hand, the Texans had the worst ranked pass defense in the NFL last season, but with the addition of Wade Phillips, this should improve things; however, the transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4 takes time. Unfortunately, I think Phillips will blitz Collins like mad, and I think it will work considering Costanzo and Ijalana are rookies, Collins is new, and they're playing @ Houston, so crowd noise will be a factor.

Call me crazy, but I think I'm going to bench all three players. I just don't like this match-up one bit. Here's my fantasy roster:


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Okay, in light of Manning regarded as highly doubtful for week 1, its very clear to me even if he does somehow play that he will have almost zero practice time, so Kerry Collins is the most likely scenario. My guess is the coaching staff will tell Collins to play to the Colts strengths by throwing to Wayne and Clark, so I suspect Collie, Garcon, etc. will see reduced catches.

So I will start Wayne and Clark, but bench Garcon.

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I would only consider Wayne and Clark. I actually have Wayne and plan to start. My question is why so many colts players?

Because my mentality at the time of the draft (well before the time I posted the topic) was you can never go wrong with Peyton Manning! Well turns out, I guess things can go wrong :(. Plus, the Colts traditionally always have to fight back to get points and they love to play with a lead, so Manning generally throws it 35+ times a game sometimes, so win or lose, Manning throws the ball, a lot.

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