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Peyton looks horrible


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Because what you stated is total and utterly complete *!

To be fair Broncolt, VL was just opining about PM's arm strength and if, or if not, he has gotten it all back and how it might effect his ability to throw the long ball . . . it is actually something that a lot of the media people have been wondering and saying for a while now . . . not saying it is totally correct, but I would not say it is utter complete poppy * . . . . just saying . . .

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Hey I didn't know you were Curly Howard . . . . :number1: . . . I knew I liked you for many reasons . . .

haha Yehoodi. Yes, I have my moments. You're not so bad yourself my friend. You are one sharp cookie as well who applies reason, fairness, and logic to every argument you make. That's quite admirable sir.

indubitably [adv.] without doubt; certainly.

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Wow Bayone, you have been through a lot in your life. I admire your determination, perseverance, and continued optimism buddy!!! :thmup: You're a pretty interesting guy too with fascinating hobbies and favorite past times IMO.

Thanks, if ever curious, just PM me , I have a med history I copy & paste , made a few my colts / forums ago for those who have asked

Being a Dr. , even though disabled , Not shy about it, dont remember all that asked and all I told over the years , used to give a longer version to all new friends, perhaps u even got one just dont remember it

point is always can be worse and as far as i am concerned , if i get out of bed and take walk a few steps, as no reason why i can, i won again another day & God has my back

Today I have a minor surgical procedure to implant meds & IV for an hr filled with various goodies, both every 6 weeks

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He looked like the normal Peyton to me in terms of his ability to throw overall. The major thing I saw was that he was making some bad decisions out there throwing into coverage and on some of the throws occasionaly it appeared as if the WR was not in sync with where Peyton was throwing the ball. If that would have been his WR from indy, they would have adjusted properly I think but who knows. I was a bit concerned if Peyton had gotten that interception trend out of him. His last year with the Colts before the 2-14 season he had about 3 to 4 game stretch where he was throwing about 2 to 3 interceptions a game.

2 games I remember from that seasons definitely were the Cowboys game and the Chargers game. We had lost the Cowboys game in an almost identical manner as the Falcons game last night. In that Cowboys game Peyton threw so many interceptions that no matter how much he kept bringing us back into the game after those mistakes it wasn't enough.

Eventually as the season played out he corrected it some, but it was a concerning pattern. Looks like it came back for the MNF game last night. I'm not sure what is going on with that! They won't beat the Texans if he repeats that performance either....

The first 2 int sailed on him bad. Didn't have any zip on em. The last int was a great play by atl.

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