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Not sure who it was, but in two back to back sentences I heard two seperate pronunciations of Bethea.

Buh-thay, and then Buh-thay-uh.

Random stuff lol.

When he first joined the team he went by Buh-thay-uh but they said his mom called him Buh-thay. It's a random mystery which is right. :scratch: :haha:

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    • Every single team in the league would be okay with that level of play. 
    • All I brought here was a guess about how PFF values Godwin vs Leonard and Q in an attempt to answer a question about why Tampa bay was ranked so high in those graphs. Everything after that has been people trying to pin PFFs evaluation on my opinion and me repeatedly saying - this is not my opinion, this is how PFF likely values them.    That's PFF ...likely... again... not sure because I don't have their numbers, but knowing what they value and knowing that they themselves said Q is about as valuable as Calvin Ridley in their system, my guess would be that by their numbers Q and Leonard together are about as valuable or less valuable than Godwin.. I clearly said that just a few posts after my initial post and said it multiple times here  and here and here and here  and here , etc... pretty much in every single comment in this thread I made it clear that this is likely how PFF values them, not how I value them. In one of those I clearly stated this:      That was me, but it's clearly in the context of the argument about their value. It's pretty common way to illustrate how one values an asset/player - would you trade X for Y? And this should be especially obvious since DL and Q are not FAs and Godwin is. And again, I want to point out that this whole thing was me trying to defend myself from people attributing things to me that I never said or meant and I believe I did plenty enough to make it clear that this was PFF's value not mine, like I linked above in about half a dozen cases in this thread. Yet here we are...    No, you repeatedly have misrepresented my opinion in this thread, even after being corrected again and again and again(counted to about half a dozen times on the first page alone me saying, this is how PFF likely values them).  So how about this... post again what you think my opinion is and what your objections are. Hint... I quoted my summarized opinion above.    I will take the fault here and apologize. You didn't say he's a scrub. You said he has only one season above average. Shouldn't have said scrub... should have said "people here act like he's an average receiver", which he's not and it will become very obvious how NFL teams value him in about 2-3 weeks when FA starts.    I stand by this. People usually overvalue their own players and undervalue other teams' players. Nothing new here indeed. I think this thread is a good representation of this too. Just my opinion.  The problem is the SB is one game. In order to get there you need to go through a season and 3 playoff games. Godwin was pretty valuable to Tampa bay in their SB winning season, even if he dropped like... 4 passes in the SB itself.  Sure... I don't mind that... agree to disagree. I don't have a problem with you not liking Godwin as much as me or anyone else.  No, nobody is saying those players are not valuable or that there is no value to having good LBs or DL or OL... But again... you are talking about a single game with incredibly hobbled KC OL that gave up 55% pressure rate and where Mahomes was pressured in less than 2.5 seconds in about half his snaps.    IMO the biggest mismatch in this game was KC OL vs Tampa bay DL and a ton of it had to do with KC OL just being super short handed and being destroyed by Tampa bay's DL. This IMO was what decided that game more than anything else. But again.. .we are talking about a single game with a very very weird mismatch that's not likely to happen very often in a SB, simply because in order to get there teams should have some base level of OL play... It just happened that an already hobbled KC OL lost even more pieces between the previous game and the SB.  Agree with this. Never said otherwise. But I do think premier passcatchers and playmakers are very valuable.   OK, what do you want to discuss about the graphs? 
    • Reich needs to turn CW loose. I think he needed a change in scenery. I have a feeling he is going to be great here.
    • I just looked him up.   The question on him (seems to be) is could he handle speed rushers in the NFL, on the LT spot?   He would add another run blocking mauler (If we draft him)   There are a few 2nd round OTs that played LT in college, that may be better at G or RT in the pros   Who knows          
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