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    • Of course it is. I take Ballard at his word when he said they think they can win with Rivers, and they want him back.    Just like I took Ballard at his word last year when he said the jury is still out on JB, they'll have to see if he's the guy (then signed another QB as the starter). Also, Reich and Sirianni described the traits they value in a QB, and their description didn't sound an awful lot like JB.   IMO, their 'we'll have to see' about Rivers is A) does he want to keep playing, B) what's the prognosis on his toe injury, and C) will he take a pay cut. Totally my speculative thinking.   As for other options, I would think that Ballard already has a preliminary gauge on what it might take to get another QB via trade -- Wentz, Stafford, even Watson. It's not tampering to call other GMs and ask if they'd trade their QB, and for how much. And I'm sure the coaching staff is doing work on anyone who might realistically be available. They're also continuing their evaluation of draft prospects.
    • They did finish the year stronger but they both started a bit slower. Their PFF grades reflect this also. I agree Taylor did get better as the year went on and that wasn't just on the line his timing and vision came into a rhythm for him peraonally.
    • If I'm Eason, I'm not leaving indy. I'm staying and going into the building all off-season. I'm studying this offense inside out. I'm hitting the gym early and leaving late. Hearing that from Ballard has to motivate him 
    • I really think if Rivers had an off-season with this offense, he would have put up even better numbers. It was obvious the last half of the season things started to change with his throws and TY getting involved with him. I’m not against him coming back for one more season. 
    • I think the biggest part of what Ballard is doing right now is (1) calling teams to ask what they would want from us for their quarterback.    Stafford,  Ryan,  Darnold...       And then,  (2)  further evaluations on the QB class.   Will there be someone they like at 21?   And I know what CB said at his year end briefing.   I don't expect him to be fully candid about such a thing in that setting.    Or might there be someone they'd take in the 2nd or 3rd round?        In other words,  what are the other options if (A) Rivers retires,  or (B) could someone else be a better option than Rivers and we might just say "sorry, we're going in another direction."      I would think the evaluation of Rivers 2020 season would already be pretty close to done.     
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