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Radio said AC and McGlynn on the left...Satele at C and Olsen right guard with Link right tackle......lets see.....Olsen was better on the right in the preseason....I wonder if it is an error.

Nope....McGlynn is right...same OL as last week as I thought.
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    • Like I said we were 7-0 when we ran it more than passing.  10-1 with only Rivers going pass happy trying to match Big Ben accounting for the only loss when he was under 60% pass to run ratio.  Our recipe for success was right there in the numbers.  Why couldn't Rivers recognize it?  He can't beat good teams throwing it more than running it anymore.  If they run it back, I hope they paid attention because Rivers just can't carry a team against good teams anymore.
    • The extending plays and playing hero ball was more of my thinking. It's great entertainment, but eventually it catches up and injuries start to mount. I wince every time Lamar or Patrick or Deshaun start to scramble. The injuries this weekend could be considered freak accidents, especially with Lamar. But I'm also not so sure... 
    • Like I said months ago, there's 12 teams OVER the cap.  Bills(right at the cap), Titans and Bears and probably the Vikings, all of which are over the cap by less than 8 million can make easy, painless moves to get back under the cap without disruption to their rosters.  Course, that's not figuring on any signings, including the upcoming draft picks so they will have to be a little bit creative.   Chiefs, Texas, Raider, Rams, Packers and Falcons are between 15 million and 33 million over the cap. Expect some more drastic moves here too, especially with some of the starters,  I see some big time movements there.   However, the Steelers only have 35 players signed and are still  31+ million over so I'm not sure how they are going to do it. So really, they're in the next category   Saints, Eagles- Lets face it, very drastic and full rebuild mode. Even if Brees retires and the Eagles move Wentz, it doesn't help them very much. at 99 million and 52 million over the cap respectively, I see a LOT of their quality players moving. Has too. May not be a super star, but they've got some solid depth and starters that will get some money elesewhere.   As for the rest of the league, there's 6 teams sitting at minimal cap space, almost none after draft picks are figured in. I don't see many drastic moves from those 6. Maybe someone likes 49ers if they restructure someone or something.   That leaves 14 teams to fight over the players those first 12 most likely releases/trade. Tampa's effective cap is just 16.8 million, again, without the rookie reserve set aside. Really, the teams in pretty decent positions to sign their own and possibly pick up a really solid starter cast away or two are really the Bengals, Washington, New England, Indy, the Jets and the Jags. Of all the teams that made it to the post season, we have the most cap space of any of those teams. By far With the most players under contract too.  That part is KEY   I said a while back that I think we see a record number of 1 year prove it type deals where players who normally would be getting record setting contracts, end up with less than they would in a normal year, simply due to the 30 million reduction in cap. it really narrows what teams are going to be able to get in on the action.  Less bidders, with less money, typically results in lower prices. 
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