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Radio said AC and McGlynn on the left...Satele at C and Olsen right guard with Link right tackle......lets see.....Olsen was better on the right in the preseason....I wonder if it is an error.

Nope....McGlynn is right...same OL as last week as I thought.
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    • From everything I've read about him, he's viewed as essentially a snake-oil salesman. He was a team chaplain, then a "character coach" for the Patriots, and now he's the Texans' VP Of Football Operations. Not to steer the discussion towards religion, but it seems as though he wields his faith as tool to manipulate, very similar to how a cult leader does. Here's an SI piece on him that does a good job illustrating how this guy works: https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/16/texans-chaos-deshaun-watson-unhappy-how-jack-easterby-kept-his-job   I think BoB was the face of the disfunction that we saw, but I don't know that he was the driving force behind it. There's no way you have a guy like Andre Johnson come out and say the things he's said about Easterby if there's not something there. One of the quietest, keeps to himself star WR's ever...   The problem isn't whether or not he should have input as a player. It's that he was told specifically by the owner Cal McNair that he wanted Watson's input and for him to be involved in the process, just to turn around and completely block him out of the process. Had he not expressly told Watson those things, I don't think it would be much of an issue. You can't solicit the input of your star player, then tell him to kick rocks, because this is the kind of strife that happens as a result.
    • Doesn’t that just make it seem more likely that we made the decision though? Is Phil the kind of guy that would walk away from a team that could conceivably go on a deep playoff run to coach a high school team? I have a hard time believing he’d make this decision with that specifically in mind. That job is going to be there for him in 2022. Or whenever he wants to take it full time. It’s not Saban ready to hand over the reigns at Alabama to him.    I just find it strange that Phil made the choice to walk away still having a legitimate chance to make one last postseason run. 
    • No time doesn't heal . There are a lot of fans to this day that hate the colts 35 years later . I lived up there close . Try and imagine the colts leaving indy now .????
    • Well keep in mind, they had a new OL coach too, new scheme, new calls. So it’s not surprising with the other stuff combined in there that the first half looked bleak. 
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