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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • 1 year deals, or short terms deals, are always part of the equation. And mixing in good but aged vets with young and upcoming talent is a good thing. That's just normal and good roster management. There's always a mix on a good team. I'd have zero issue with spending 8ish/year for two years on a healthy Ertz. That said, I'm higher than most on our current TEs. Doyle is extremely solid, Mo needs more snaps, and especially RZ and sail route type snaps. Burton did well, but he's more slot WR than TE to me.    8M for 2 years is not a huge or long term investment. With Ertz being injured now, and only one year left on his deal, Eagles can't ask for much.    Honest question, aside the QB elephant in the room, what are your top 5 position needs?
    • Rushing 4 gives teams a better chance of not getting beat over the top. We all saw that 1 on 1 with Hill/Kelce/Hardman and nobody covering over top is a mismatch. 
    • Ertz is maybe one but for all the big ticket guys upcoming, is an aging TE really what we need to invest in? 8+ million at age 30 and it’s for 1 more year and FA in 2022. I don’t know about you but I’m kinda tired of working on the 1 year deal guys. I’d like to keep building up MAC and either Doyle or his clone Hentges maybe. Idk what the plan is for Burton but I’m not spending 3-4 mil on him either. Can’t stay on the field his whole career so far.    imho, until we can solidify the longer term QB spot, whether that’s Eason or a new draft pick, I really feel we need to focus on the defense and stay level on offense but not spend big $$ on guys that we don’t have a QB after next season probably, assuming we sign PR for 2021 and keep developing Eason. Keep building that strong defense to keep game scores down and beef up the oline to help protect whoever is back there and push the running game until a QB emerges and then you can start to add offensive pieces to start scoring because those new toys will come at the expense of guys on Def imho. 
    • On the first bolded, I'm not sure the luster was ever there. While he's not as bad as he was in SD/LA, he hasn't brought the creativity from Philly (Pederson called plays there to be fair) either. I'm just not sure who Reich really is to be honest. Some would say he did better last weekend, but honestly he didn't really have choice but to open things up after getting down 21. I'd just like to see more creativity, while at the same time, less "cute" but still bland game plans.    On the second bolded, I'm a lot more confident in our ability to get on a roll in the playoffs with Rivers. Sure there's risks, but at least we'd have a chance. Our Ds not good enough to support a O with limited capability. 
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