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What is up with connected careers (madden)?


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You can NOT use custom rosters in connected careers. Also, if you are connected to the internet and have the latest roster update, Vontae Davis is on the Colts. Luck is an 84 overall but considered (by Madden) a 79 in the Colts offensive scheme, a player's overall is adjusted according to how he fits in his team's scheme.

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So you can't start Connected Careers with the latest roster update?

:thmup: You've done it again, EA!

That's not what I said. You can't use a custom roster (ie. edited players and custom trades) in Connected Careers, but you can use roster updates.

I am upset, however, that they removed co-op from local franchise (Connected Careers). There's no excuse for that at all, but they did patch in fantasy draft yesterday so there is minor hope they do the same for co-op.

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