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This ones for us older folks..

I miss these two games...


and Techmo and Super Techmo Bowl


Side Note..Clarence Verdin kick returning for the Colts...lol

....and people complain that Madden isn't realistic.

I used to play this for hours on my trusty 2600


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I miss fans rooting for the team instead of dissecting it daily and tearing it down, under the guise of "being real".

I spend more time defending my team where I use to just enjoy the game. Fans never defended their team to fellow team fans, they defended it to rival teams fans. Not so today. Now, fans in your own fanbase are far more critical than other teams fans are.

Fans today by in large, are about instant gratification, and dollars and hours spent as a fan, are now traded in for the opportunity to vent as a pay back for failed expectations. We just drafted an outstanding young man at QB and most of the talk is about how bad our online is.

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Everyone acts like Andrew Luck is going to be the next Peyton Manning and that we are going to be just as dominant or more, for the next decade.

and how exactly should Colts fans act like? Think that he's going to be a bust and predict that he will fail while we cry into our Manning jerseys thinking of what was? That or maybe we shouldn't watch the Colts at all we should be getting comfy on the couch in our brand new Manning Broncos jerseys ready to watch the Broncos play whoever?

Of course Colts fans are going hope for the best for Andrew Luck. He's the Colts QB now. I don't know if everyone acts like Andrew Luck is going to be the next Peyton Manning in fact I've seen it said several times on this forum the Andrew Luck can never be the next Peyton Manning. With that said I do think fans are hopeful that Luck is going to live up to the hype around him.

I get your point you miss watching Peyton and Marvin. I missed watching Harbaugh too when Peyton first got here. No Joke Harbaugh is still my all-time favorite player but since I am a Colts fan first I supported the new QB. It doesn't mean I didn't smile when I saw the old Harbaugh highlights but nothing lasts forever. That's why we have tape so we can rewatch the guys we miss. However, things move on and if you don't move on with it you might miss something really special.

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